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Seattle City Council approves 18% police budget decrease

Seattle City Council approves 18% police budget decrease

The Seattle City Council approved the 2021 budget with reductions to the police budget. The council voted to shrink the budget of the Seattle PD by about 18%, which includes cuts to overtime and training. Vacant jobs will not be filled and 911 dispatchers and parking enforcement will be moved out of police jurisdiction. Activists considered this a win but said they wanted a deeper cut.

Doctor WarpSpeed
Doctor WarpSpeed 1 months

Aaaah yes cut budget so the guys worth their wieght wont wanna work there. Officers will have less training. Just like Goerge Bush and his foolish no child left behind policy. If they dont perform strip the funding, don't incentivise better policing, that makes sense......

Montgomery 1 months

I love how activists claim that defunding the police does not actually mean to defund the police... and then they actually defund the police I am worried about all the new murderers and lack of training though....

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

Because somehow less training is supposed to fix the situation? Holy hell...

Matt 1 months

In an attempt to fight perceived fascism, they continue to remove the ability of the public defenders, painted them broadly as the bad side, and then two things happen. 1) people clamor for more public servants and protectors as crime spikes, and 2) the anti-fascists keep shifting powers, like the mob, to their own fascism. They aren't fighting fascism, they want to be the ones committing it. Don't believe them when they say they're demilitarizing the police. They're doing it so their enemy is weaker. They wont stop fighting, and you'd better plan for that. ACAB, "F*** Joe Biden, we want revenge!" Just two of the big brain ideas you see a lot lately. Map that out in your head. Try to find a way out of this when the response to not defunding is violence, and the response to defunding is mob rule. The state would have to step up enforcement. Way to invoke fascistic moves, to fulfil your own prophecy in the biggest game of 'stop hitting yourself' the country has seen since the mid-20th century.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 1 months

Time for the Police to down tools and walk off. Police are there for a reason, glad its not my town doing this.

Jim 1 months

Today’s peaceful Biden voters are tomorrow’s arsonist, looters and rioters. Or was it the other way around ? Just wait until they get screwed by Biden and Harris

Barry 1 months

Police are paid to pack prisons. Corporate owned prisons need more prisoners to operate. Community outreach and programs designed to with with people to end crime.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 months

Love to see it. The funds should go to other social programs and not militarizing the police.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

When there are more news of heavy crime in Seattle, I fully expect to hear "that 18% defunding wasn't quite enough. Defund more!"

David 1 months

So you complain about police not being trained well enough so you cut training? What kind of big brain logic is this?

Constitution4all 1 months

What is rather sad is it said it will cut into training? Isn't that something people keep saying is essential to lowering death rates and teaching officers how to de-escalate situations so use of force is required less? So the same people that cry police need more training are not gutting their training? Great now they will have even worse police officers.... When I said that last sentence I do believe their are many great officers but lack of training makes them not able to be as good as they need to be and so many with potential will never achieve the level police need to be to say be a sergeant or a captain. You will still have some good officers just less of them because you are not "raising the tide to raise all ships."

Kim 1 months

Every one there deserves whst you are about to receive

Bill 1 months

I think Seattle will be fine, if they were smart they would cut officers pay a bit instead of firing them, starting salary is 83k and they make 109k after 5 years. Meanwhile a cop in Wyoming makes 45k :/ Granted, different costs of living but its still a very generous salary.

Eric 1 months

Yeah, because if we need anything it’s LESS training. Good job there boys.

Kim 1 months

BLM is complaining that police are abusing the very people who are abusing innocent people. Only a criminal wants to be treated with kindness and understanding after they commit a crime against someone. BLM is the New Democrat KKK

michael 1 months

Cutting overtime and training sounds like the wrong places to make cuts. Defunding was about demilitarization. Police need to stop spending their precinct money on MRAPs and APCs. Training needs to be reworked, not refunded. Our cops need to stop being told they are warriors.

Donald 1 months

Seattle will have UN robot cops.. Look it up. A real thing...they come in different colors even

Jim 1 months

Cut out all cops and vote Blue folks, that’s the most common sense thing to do. Whenever your house gets burglarized you should open your doors and windows and put a sign on your house that says free stuff. That will get rid of the burglars ! They can’t steal from you if you claim it ain’t yours in the first place

Melissa 1 months

Seattle leadership is a bunch of slow learners.

Diddy 1 months

What a cluster that city is. Enjoy the heightened crime rates! Don't call police when someone is breaking into your home at 4:30am and you don't have a gun! Democrats do this to themselves and they deserve every bit of the fallout to come.

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