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Kash Patel will lead Pentagon transition

Kash Patel will lead Pentagon transition

Kash Patel, an ex-congressional aide who rose to prominence helping House Republicans attempt to discredit the Russian investigation besides spreading conspiracy theories about Joe Biden, has been put in charge of the Pentagon’s transition. Patel has been in the Pentagon for two weeks, serving as chief of staff to Christopher Miller. Patel previously served as senior director for counterterrorism.

Doug 1 months

How/why are posts with random unrelated junk links being posted, more bogus links approved? (:-(

Jerry 1 months

Modern demoncrats don't understand that a person can put his job before politics. I am sure this man, Patel, puts his job before politics. And reporting on political behaviors of the Bidens in Ukaine is not a conspiracy theory. This is encouraging to see Mr. Biden appoint this way!

R LoRusso
R LoRusso 1 months

I think they are doing the best they can.. This is a pretty unique information scource and I wondered why it isn't more popular. Eventually I realized most people only want their ears tickled and stick with what justifies their beliefs.

W T 1 months

If you have been using this app for over a year this shouldn't surprise you. They have many problems that they need to fix and probably claim they don't have the money. I don't, and won't, buy it because you can tell the direction this is heading even if they get the funding. Sucks that extremist fanatics were allowed to run rampant.

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