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Trump approves Biden to receive the President’s Daily Brief

Trump approves Biden to receive the President’s Daily Brief

The White House has given the nod for president-elect Joe Biden to receive the President’s Daily Brief, a classified intelligence document produced and given each morning to the president of the United States. While he has yet to receive his first briefing, Biden was approved for the PDB on Tuesday, Reuters and CNN reported, citing anonymous White House officials.

Randall 1 months

Trump lost to what he called "the worst candidate in history" and he is right. Very few people voted FOR Joe Biden. Biden didn't win except by default. The majority of Americans voted AGAINST Donald Trump because Trump is actually worse than "the worst candidate in history!" That's got to be a disturbing epiphany and terribly embarrassing for Donald Trump. Like a wounded animal (Lame Duck) he may be prone to lash out indiscriminately at any time which may be why he has chosen isolation as a Self-Protection reaction.

Kevin 1 months

So now this man who has dementia gets the daily intelligence brief pretty soon he will have control over the nuclear launch codes of the United States and the idiots that voted for him are all sitting here congratulating themselves giving Joe Biden the nuclear launch codes is like giving a three year old a stick of dynamite and a lighted match you people are insane if all our families live through this it will be a miracle the man has dementia

michael 1 months

Finally, after four years, somebody is going to pay attention to presidential briefings. It must be nice for those preparing the briefings too, they no longer have to use small words, colorful pictures, or constantly say Trump's name to keep what little attention he has.

Omega 1 months

I'm pleasantly surprised that the current administration is recognizing Biden is 99% likely to become the next president and acting accordingly, finally. Continuity is very important during a transition like this.

Aleks 1 months

Joe Biden can only do great. Because the expectations are so low...

Forsaken 1 months

at least they don't have to use big colorfull pictures to explain it to Biden

Mike 1 months

Anonymous Whitehouse

yuckycrumpet 1 months

It’s not like trump reads them.

Forsaken 1 months

why not, Trump dosen't

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