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SpaceX launches 100th Falcon 9 mission, puts 60 more Starlink sats in orbit

SpaceX launches 100th Falcon 9 mission, puts 60 more Starlink sats in orbit

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 lifted from Cape Canaveral for the 100th time and successfully landed for the 7th time after putting 60 more Starlink internet satellites in low-Earth orbit. This makes the rocket, B1049, the most experienced in SpaceX’s fleet. This was also SpaceX’s 23 total Falcon 9 missions in 2020, which is nearly one-fourth of the total number of missions it launched in its 10-year history.

Eric 1 months

Thats awesome of Elon to start bringing viable internet to rural places all over the world. From what I have seen on yourube from beta testers is that the speeds that they are receiving are well worth the initial start up feel of paying 500 dollars for the satellite and 100 a month for the service.

John W
John W 1 months

With the dish and app looks like plug it(ready just plug into wall) in and it finds connection.

808HIvibes 1 months

Everybody’s losing their mind over a covid vaccine controlling people, yet applaud the richest man in the world surrounding the planet with dozens of satellites. Bunch of ignorant fanboys.

Chad 1 months

I have such mixed feelings about this. Bringing internet to the world is fantastic. But space junk and space crowding is a very real problem.

David 1 months

One day everyone will have access to censored internet and social media where they can be easily programmed and molded to fit whatever agenda is desired.

Seekster 1 months

God's speed SpaceX!

Katharine 1 months

Do you ever feel like you're wasting your time?

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