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After receiving zero nominations, The Weeknd calls the Grammys ’corrupt’

After receiving zero nominations, The Weeknd calls the Grammys ’corrupt’

The Weeknd slammed the Grammys and called them ’corrupt’, after he did not receive a single nomination in a year where he dominated the music scene. Taking to Twitter hours after the Recording Academy announced the picks, he said ’You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency.’ The snub by the Grammys comes a few days after The Weeknd received three American Music Awards on Sunday.

Tom A
Tom A
James 1 months

Maybe he only 'dominated' the music scene in his mind. Judging from the comments, no one knows who he is.

Laura 1 months

Obviously he's an astute observer of current affairs and has learned if you think you should win something and you don't it's obviously the fault of some kind of conspiracy of corruption.

JoDaBubb 1 months

Maybe The Weekend should have put more work into The Album, then he wouldn't The Complainer.

Brian 1 months

“Who?” “The Weeknd. You know, without the third e. Because profound meaning, or something.”

John W
John W 1 months

This guy has the fashion sense of a 1970s under cover cop.

ken taro
ken taro 1 months

i dOnT kNoW wHo ThAt iS sO tHeYrE a NoBodY. i aLSo hAtE aNd DoNt fOlLoW PoP CuLTuRe.

Ya Boi PI
Ya Boi PI 1 months

Wow. Someone so important ive never heard of him

Glen 1 months

Oscars, Emmys,Grammys,BET and all other award shows should be eliminated for being racist. Isn't that the supposedly new America.

Chris 1 months


Cooper 1 months

How is this news? Who gives a flying-fling-flang-a-jang what this knob thinks about a self-congratulating industry. If I enjoy making coat trees and one day start selling the coat trees I make, and it turns out a good number of people like the coat trees I make, I make more coat trees and sell more coat trees; I am successful & happy. Period. Don't need an effing award to prove it. The Weeknd (stupid meaningless name) should go work a week at a food bank this Thanksgiving....put some eyes on what's really important in our country right now. Nothing worse than an arrogant artist.

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