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Biden says his team spoke to a ’very, very helpful’ Fauci

Biden says his team spoke to a ’very, very helpful’ Fauci

President-elect Joe Biden said members of his transition team have spoken to Dr Anthony Fauci, the long-serving director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. While talking to reporters, Biden said though he himself has not spoken to Fauci, the doctor has been ’very, very helpful’ to his team members who contacted him. Later, Fauci himself confirmed the contact to CNN.

Jim 1 months

Well that tells us a lot about Biden then. If he can make sense out if what Faucci has been saying then it’s because they both double speak. In the very best senario Faucci traded his soul for the truth when he told us mask were not needed and that we were fine. Best case senario he was lying because as he said later the medical professionals needed the good mask. Remember when he told us to wear a mask but that it didn’t need to be an actual mask, said it could be any face covering like a shirt or handkerchief. Sure Faucci, those are well known virus blocking tools. We still haven’t been told what the best material is for the deadliest threat since The Big Bang. Is it cotton, silk, polyester exactky what material will save our lives liberals ? Surely you don’t really believe any material will do. Some of these mask are as light as women’s underwear and with the strings they actual look like women’s underware

Jim 1 months

If Faucci has proven one thing it’s that he is a smoocher

David Webb
David Webb 1 months

I am sure he gets on well with Biden, both are corrupt and evil to th core.

David 1 months

Well then you know what the future holds, no surprise.

Donald 1 months

Fauci is Great Reset crew.

Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon 1 months

*slurp slurp*

Lost 1 months

His fame is ending with the virus.

SD 1 months

Biden should hold his counsel on this matter but allow investigations to proceed un-tampered with.

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