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Xi congratulates Biden on winning presidency, hopes for ’win-win’ China-US ties

Xi congratulates Biden on winning presidency, hopes for ’win-win’ China-US ties

China’s President Xi Jinping has congratulated Joe Biden for winning the US presidential election 2020. In a congratulatory message, Xi said a ’healthy and stable’ relation between the world’s top two economies are ’the common expectation of the global community.’ In his message, Xi expressed hope for ’win-win cooperation’ on a range of issues, which have plagued the two countries in recent years.

William 1 months

I don't think they were talking about countries. Its a win for the CCP and its a win for the Biden family.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

Mmmm, those delicious backdoor equity deals are now going to pay off I suppose. Gotta love the cronnie supporting a country that commits ethnic cleansing in current day.

ehune 1 months

LOL... it would be a real win-win, a win for China, and a win for the corrupt American elite, or at least for some of them, especially for the Biden family and their friends.

David 1 months

Definitely a huge win for China, they'll be able to do as they please.

UranusKiller 1 months

"Let's fix climate change!" Said no Chinese manufacturer, ever. Well done "liberals!" You've ushered in a new world of oppressive hypocrisy.

ehune 1 months

The eFFing spy chief of China would be really happy...

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 1 months

Hard to see which win for CCP isn't in the end loss for rest of the world.

ariel 1 months

I'm sick of the government of China. The people are fine, but Frick the China gov

Dan 1 months

He is China Biden.

ehune 1 months

But a real loose for the American working and middle class, and for the USA.

Patricia 1 months

I look at it this way:. Keep friends close and enemies closer

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