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Console tribalism one of the worst things about our industry: Phil Spencer

Console tribalism one of the worst things about our industry: Phil Spencer

Microsoft’s Head of Gaming, Phil Spencer, said console tribalism is one of the worst things about the gaming industry. He further went on to say that toxic brand loyalty is something that he hates and does not like that in order to achieve their goals, companies like Microsoft ’have to see others fail’. Spencer also said that this could be the only thing that could drive him out of the industry.

Tom A
Tom A
Tyrannus Patriarchus
Tyrannus Patriarchus 1 months

While crossplay is a brilliant idea, brand loyalty isn't a bad thing. It's a necessary part of the free market. The actual worst thing about the games industry is oooh let's see.....unacceptably buggy triple A games, loot boxes, EA, day one patches...what else?....Fallout 76, pay to win mechanics in full priced games and toxic corporatism infecting a once beloved artistic passion. That's the shit that needs to be fixed.

Something Witty
Something Witty 1 months

Alright, how about this... all the right leaning people play Xbox, and all the left leaning people play PlayStation? If we can’t co exist we might as well have fun doing it.

Rocky 1 months

PC MASTER RACE! Consoles are for babies. What kind of m0r0n would pay every month to the equipment manufacturer just to use their games online? Run away from these wastes of cash as quickly as possible!

Jon 1 months

Yeah, you're the jerk who caused it, buddy. Allow games to run cross platform and you'll see less tribalism.

John 1 months

Microsoft has no right to talk. They've been refusing to make cross platform software for decades. They only dislike console tribalism because they are losing.

Frank 1 months

I'll choose PlayStation over Xbox any day of the week!

Quix Nix
Quix Nix 1 months

He's right of course but...

level100firemage 1 months

Imagine: buying a PC

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

...says the leader of the smaller tribe.

Sal 1 months

Says the company that more or less invented customer lock-in. Lol. The hypocrisy!

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