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Women journalists are facing growing online and offline threats, study finds

Women journalists are facing growing online and offline threats, study finds

A global survey conducted by the International Center for Journalists and UNESCO has revealed that around 73% of the women participants said they had experienced online abuse, harassment, threats and attacks. It also found that 20% of women journalists and media workers had reported being targeted with offline abuse and attacks that they believed were linked with the online abuse they had faced.

NeilT 1 months

And nothing about threats or actual violence to male reporters? OK then....

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

Can't have anything to do with them doing a horrible job, must be sexism!

Josh 1 months

They always find a way to make it either racist or feminist how convenient

Montgomery 1 months

Every commenter on this site has experienced online abuse and leftists want every conservative to experience constant online and offline abuse... but you don't see any news articles about those items ? Doesn't fit into media portrayal of victimhood.... Could be explained by the rise in general abuse nurtured hy internet eco chambers. The mostly peaceful protests have spilled out into general publuc

new ui is unusable
new ui is unusable 1 months

how did they determine whether the participants were women? What if they change their gender identity while online, or on weekends? this entire survey is horrendously transphobic, and i am deeply enraged. please donate to my GoFundMe. /$

Bazooka 1 months

For me to say journalists often deserve abuse would be hypocritical; however, I never claimed not to be a hypocrite.

ben 1 months

Women playing the victim card again making it all about gender. Male journalists have been targeted for the past few hundred years. Man up women.

O'Brien 1 months

Comet wipes out Earth. You know the rest.

Chris 1 months

I mean are you surprised? How long do you think people stand by lied to. Write frankly this year shifted me into a lesser empathetic feeling towards media personnel. Look at this app majority of the serious news that happened yesterday didnt even air. The American people are fooled and brainwashed now.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 months

Considering most "journalists" today know about journalism as I know about advanced physics maybe they shouldn't be in their line of work.

James 1 months

Whine, whine, whine...

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 1 months

Couldnt be that they arent actually journalist and are smear merchants disguising as journalist, getting the abuse for constantly lying in their reportings..naa

Mutatis 1 months

"These preliminary research results also point to a surge in rates of online violence against women journalists." I feel like I am being trolled. How can acts that occur online be inherently violent? These people are whining about mean words on Twitter, while in Mexico journalists are actually encountering real violence and ending up dead.

Jim 1 months

And 100% of female reporters are liars by virtue of the fact that they are “reporters”.

AverageAussieMan 1 months

God, this comment section is like a 4Chan thread.

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 1 months

Even if those numbers are to be trusted, as harassment was probably subjectively reported, who cares? They haven't compared them to what male reporters receive to be of any importance.

J 1 months

Another article written for the victim liberalism crowd.

Jon 1 months

Do journalists count as people?

Aaron 1 months

I didn't even know there were any journalist LEFT after going through the Obama years. I figured they all just get their stuff from the DNC.

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