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SCOTUS blocks New York’s COVID limits on religious house of worship attendance

SCOTUS blocks New York’s COVID limits on religious house of worship attendance

The Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily barred New York from enforcing attendance limits at houses of worship in areas designated as hard hit by the virus. The court’s action pushes New York to reevaluate those restrictions. The court’s decision was a victory for the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Jewish synagogues that had sued to challenge state restrictions.

Jim 1 months

This should have been a no brainer given the fact that the other businesses and places categorized as essential were totally non essential, like bicycle shops. WTF ? He is allowing bicycle shops and Bottle Shops to stay open and limiting religious gatherings in churches ? The problem with all this Covid crap isn’t actually the virus, it’s the politicians picking winners and losers despite our constitution ! If the virus is as bad as we are told ( which I don’t believe) then why aren’t they shuttering everything rather than allowing this and banning that ? Trump was a super spreader but BLM was a constitutional gathering, really ? B.S.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

Wow. Trumps three appointees are actually constitutionalists ruling against a clear violation of the constitution 😱 what shocks me is that this was a 5-4 decision, you don’t need a law degree to see that it’s a clear a violation of the first amendment, all who voted against should NOT be sitting on the bench.

justsayin 1 months

If you aren’t going to shut down “protests” because of people’s rights to “protest”... you can’t shut down religious gatherings either. Pretty straightforward.

michael 1 months

I'm amazed that zealots are willing to force everyone else to suffer the consequences of their actions just so they can be within spitting distance of people they could contact via internet. We don't live in the days when church was the only logical time to catch up on rumor and gossip. There is absolutely no reason to spread your disease. If your god demands that you pack yourselves into pens to have garbage shoveled into you just so that the preacher can shear you of your hard earned money, then you have absolutely no position to call anyone else a sheep.

Aleksei 1 months

The first amendment should never be stifled for safety reasons.

IvoryDove 1 months

The comments that show hatred (not just apathy, but real visceral hatred) towards people of faith show me that our public education system is doing what it's socialist founders wanted it to do. America has always had people of faith in God and people who put their faith in themselves, but the ratio has shifted dramatically in my lifetime.

MIDESSA 1 months

Now when all these bible thumpers get sick are they gonna pray to their God or the same doctors they have chosen to ignore?? And people wonder why their children are leaving this antiquated means of public control more and more each generation.

John 1 months

It's shameful that this took this long. This was as blatant a violation of the first amendment at I've ever seen.

Brandon 1 months

Get rekt Cuomo! Fascist POS.

Jon 1 months

About damn time we started pushing the authoritarians back.

DarkDayz 1 months

I’m all for our constitutional rights. Every American should be. I for one do not give a freedom up easily. This is for those that continue to place complete freedom over health. Your so called freedoms continue to complicate MY life. I’m a first responder and so was my brother. He passed away from covid while doing his job and serving the public. Simply put. WEAR A MASK AND STAY 6’ APART. It doesn’t stop the disease but it slows transmission. Decisions aren’t perfect. Especially the ones government makes. People move through stores. Usually don’t sit in one spot for long periods of time. Church’s are stagnant like movie theaters and restaurants They sit for longer periods in time. Even outside worship. If you don’t care about your life then think about others. Like me. Like my brother. Like the police. Like your grand parents. This disease does not play. My brother caught it May. Passed away after 30 days in the hospital. I’ll give my freedoms for a little while. Its gonna be hard but that’s what Americans do. Buckle down and move forward. MASK UP. SOCIAL DISTANCE AND STAY SAFE!!!

Laura 1 months

Just try to stay as far away from the churches willing to exceed 50% capacity and the individuals willing to attend them. Send flowers but don't attend the funerals that will invariably come from this and pray that none of them have children who have no choice.

George 1 months

First I was appalled that common sense abput being safe and stopping the spread does not prevail. But on second thought, the first ones to be impacted by this is the religious zealots and their family and friends. I guess we'll see gods work in the upcoming few weeks

John 1 months

This is one way of getting rid of the religious fanaticals go to church spread the love spread the virus

Rob 1 months

who says catholics aren't ok with human sacrifice...

Chad 1 months

The Government should NOT be responsible for your health.

Jim 1 months

Finally have a SCOTUS that will defend religious freedom!

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 1 months

They can pray together when they infect each other.

Seekster 1 months


IIZard 1 months

Good. End lockdown madness

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