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France charges 4 more teenagers over beheading of Samuel Paty

France charges 4 more teenagers over beheading of Samuel Paty

France has charged four more teenagers in the beheading of Samuel Paty, a French history teacher. Three of these are students who reportedly pointed out the educator to his killer. The teenagers are facing charges of ’complicity in a terrorist murder’ tied to the Oct. 16 murder in a Paris suburb. The fourth teenager is a former student of Paty’s, too.

Dave 1 months

Everytime there is an attack on someone for showing a picture of the prophet Muhammad, there should be a nationwide 2 minute silence where every screen shows the picture of Muhammad. In essence, the more you kill people for it, the more it happens. These "people" are animals, so there's no point trying to use human logic, they don't have the mental capacity to understand. You have to train them like you would animals. Good things when they do as they're told, bad things when they step out of line.

Ole 1 months

I'm usually not one to be hateful, but people that perpetrate this kind of crime deserves no better than to be wrapped in a pigskin and buried alive.

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 1 months

Newsvoice readership gets outraged by a single (admittedly horrific) death cos it was caused by brown people who don't much like Christianity, but spend ages downplaying and dismissing a pandemic that in the very same country Paty was from has killed, on average, nearly 500 people every single day since Samuel Paty's death.

Jackson 1 months

So what I'm getting from this is that they caught the killer, then proceeded to go on a hunt to find anyone associated with him who they could charge, disgusting.

Trevor 1 months

Religion was created by man to control people. Look around the World, it’s working!

Quigonpaj 1 months

A tough day for the Religion of Peace

V!!!!! 1 months

Total fkin idiots

IIZard 1 months

Execute terrorists. Deport illegal immigrants.

Indo 1 months

Soory to have be saying this again, Teens ain't kids, not anymore. Wale up.or be drilled up.

Glen 1 months

Eye for an eye.

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