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Portland police arrest 3 for serial vandalism on Thanksgiving Day

Portland police arrest 3 for serial vandalism on Thanksgiving Day

Portland police said they arrested three people in connection with the vandalism of at least 10 businesses on Thanksgiving Day. They said the vandals caused ’thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the businesses, which includes grocery stores, banks, a package distribution center, etc. The vandals smashed windows, spray-painted buildings and defaced walls in the wee hours of Thursday.

Rocket 1 months

The MARXISTS that control much of Oregon and Portland in particular, are evil and incompetent. They aided and abetted the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, ANTIFA/BLM that Burned, Looted, and Murdered in Portland and surrounding areas for 5 MONTHS! These Evil Leftist Scumbags need to be removed from office!

JoeSchmo 1 months

Send a loud and clear message; string ‘em up on the Fremont Bridge

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

I thought it was mostly peaceful city decoration practice... Clearly, police overreacted. The business owners should have pracefully and willingly cooperated. If any damage was done, it was evidently incidental and unintentional.

Was Right
Was Right 1 months

More soyboys and ghetto criminals doing what they do.

Gordon 1 months

Give them a break. They're just celebrating Bidens win.

justsayin 1 months

“Chester Hester” never stood a chance at a normal life! 😂

Glen 1 months

It's Portland, they'll be out tomorrow.

Eric 1 months

They arrested terrorists. Terrorist who vandalized.

R_Forde 1 months

That’s odd. I didn’t think Portland arrested vandals.

Mike 1 months

The vandalism was mostly peaceful...

David 1 months

C'mon... It's peaceful protesting.

D 1 months

They want land, then they should get a job. Let them buy land like the rest of us.

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