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Trump slams American football players kneeling before Thanksgiving game

Trump slams American football players kneeling before Thanksgiving game

President Donald Trump slammed American football players for kneeling during the national anthem before a game between the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day. Trump tweeted ’No thanks!’ in response to a video clip of Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans and Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions kneeling during the national anthem before the start of the game.

Rocket 1 months

Disgusting overpaid CLOWN ACTIVISTS wearing football uniforms have ruined the sport. Millions of people aren't going to even care about these whiny "oppressed" athletes as they lose more and more viewers over time. Adios $billions of ad dollars!

Jim 1 months

You have to admit that there’s something kinda messed up when players, who are ensured by virtue of labor contracts, of $700,000 a year, ( league minimum) kneeling for injustice in the very country that they, people of color, are able to reach heights that are only dreamed of by most others in this country and around the world. I would respect these guys if they put their own, not donors, money toward the actual problem. Their kneeling is just as symbolic of the cause of Floyd’s death as it is in memory of it. Judgemental rich people living the dream as they condemn the act of sleeping. Free college, free degrees, free clothing, free food, free privledge all around - they have no idea about real life. Most were treated as special from the time they displayed their talent. Most live in huge house in gated and guarded communities. I very much doubt that they really relate to those in poverty or those who are doing what they feel they have to to get by

Was Right
Was Right 1 months

And as usual President Trump is 100%correct about this. If You can't stand for our flag and anthem then take you butts back to whatever 3rd world garbage hole your folks come from.

WorkingMan 1 months

How about denouncing the real problem of ongoing police brutality against Blacks? But he is just pandering to his cult so they keep following him after he leaves office. Pathetic.

Glen 1 months

Thanksgiving is for giving thanks, not for football players to protest.

Csaba 1 months

Why such disrespect during such a holiday? Your kneeling will not bring anyone together, but further apart.

Tim 1 months

Just like America said "no thanks" to you Donnie

D 1 months

Still kneeling for BLMARXISTS agenda.

Seekster 1 months

Good. Protesting during the national anthem is in extremely poor taste.

Josh 1 months

I'm amazed people are triggered by this innocuous protest.

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