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Smiley face activist charged in Singapore

Smiley face activist charged in Singapore

At first glance, the smiling face in the picture is only a smiling face, but the underlying protest is far-reaching. Jolovan Wham, a civil rights activist who has drawn attention to the issue of freedom of speech in recent years. It is the latest in a series of recent protests. His protests have consistently upset the government as free speech and right to assembly are problematic in Singapore

Katie 1 months

The left doesn't realize this is what living in the US will be like if they don't stop pushing censorship.

Yoshiki 1 months

This is what the US will turn into if it gets in the hands of the left. Singapore and HK are prime examples of how they will kill freedom of speech when you try to voice opposing thoughts that could do it their power in danger. Someone even claimed that socialism is against this, I would like you point you towards China, "socialism with Chinese characteristics" they say, which just means a great firewall and every media controlled by the state. People who's been free all these times fails to see their freedom slowly erode away, people who's lost their freedom are warning them but words are falling on deaf's ears.

Howdy 1 months

he's a good and honorable man standing up for what millions of people have died for.

J 1 months

I'm sure this will somehow turn into how the US oppresses the world.

Seekster 1 months

Does Singapore still do canning as a form of punishment for crimes?

pffft 1 months

When will humanity learn that the state is their enemy?

Taylor 1 months

I really love how people are making this connected to the us in any way at all. Disgusting.

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