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Pig guts dumped in Taiwan Parliament as lawmakers brawl over US pork imports

Pig guts dumped in Taiwan Parliament as lawmakers brawl over US pork imports

Taiwanese lawmakers got into a fist fight and ended up throwing pig guts at each other Friday over a planned law that would allow imports of US pork and beef. Premier Su Tseng-chang was due to give a policy report, when opposition lawmakers blocked his attempt to speak by dumping bags of pig organs on the Parliament flow. Legislators from the ruling party tried to stop them, resulting in chaos.

Elgen 1 months

It seems that the conflict is about the use of ractopamine in U.S. livestock. For context: ractopamine is band in 160 countries.

Jerry 1 months

Looks like more honest governing than we "civilized" people. Only their politicians selling out want US imports of swine

David 1 months

This should be required every time there's a filibuster or Congress gets deadlocked. Also make it prime time. CSPAN ratings would skyrocket.

Jellybean 1 months

Pork barrel politics?

Stefnir 1 months

This sounds like something from a political satire

Chad 1 months

U.S. needs to stop allowing that rubish in the pig feed. Nevermind rectopamine in pig meat is at negligible levels. The danger is very much exaggerated.

david dindu
david dindu 1 months

Don't u wanna grow up tall and fat like us?

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

RepigphuKKKer wet dream

James G.
James G. 1 months

Americans: Our congress is the most politically divided. Taiwan: Hold my pig guts.

Seekster 1 months

C-Span looks upon this wishing that US politics were this entertaining.

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