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Woman smashes 500 bottles of booze in British supermarket

Woman smashes 500 bottles of booze in British supermarket

A woman went on a rampage in a British supermarket, smashing hundreds of bottles of wine and spirits Wednesday. Footage of the incident shows her breaking 500 bottles of alcohol that caused around $130,000 in damages at the Aldi supermarket in Stevenage. She was also seen slipping and falling on the broken glass. The unidentified woman was arrested and treated at a hospital for injuries.

Benjamin 1 months

Well this sounds untrue, aldi is a budget supermarket, this would suggest the average price per bottle was 260 pounds.. would be closer to £2.60

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

I thought aldi was just for goofy things like packaged Ramen or European poptarts and stuff. I didn't know there was actual food and booze in there.

Katie 1 months

"500 bottles of booze on the wall, 500 bottles of booze. Smash one down on the ground, 499 bottles of booze on the wall..."

FactCheckerNeil 1 months

What a horrible waste! I hope they their the book at her

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