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Facebook’s cryptocurrency could launch in January

Facebook’s cryptocurrency could launch in January

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra is expected to launch as early as January next year, and will likely be backed one-for-one by the US dollar. It was reported in April that multiple single-currency stablecoins backed by major currencies would be created. Libra’s launch is still dependent on regulatory approval. Facebook has received lukewarm response to Libra ever since the announcement was made.

Tom A
Tom A
Peter 1 months

I get a feeling this will only have to look at the general intelligence of people these days to know they will be sucked in..

Benjamin 1 months

What happens to your wallet when they kick you off the platform with no explanation and no recourse... I know all about it if you couldn't tell.

Jordan 1 months

Horrible idea. The only upside is that this could finally bring some competition and de-legitimize the pyramid scheme called bitcoin.

Donald 1 months

Facebook = DARPA. And 🇨🇳 Not gonna happen, go MySpace yourself Zuck

Indo 1 months

Do we really want another one of them to be in it. We know well enuf by now !? Or do we !?

Michael Greenburg
Michael Greenburg 1 months

Facistbook financing?

El3phantInTheRoom 1 months

Zuckbucks would be a much better name.

Skot 1 months

Anyone that gets involved with anything related to Facebook is a fool.

Andromeda 1 months

A literal social credit system ran by a social media platform. Sounds like a fantastic idea...

Joyce 1 months

Not interested .

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