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Paris police suspended over beating of black man

Paris police suspended over beating of black man

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has ordered a group of officers suspended, after they were found to be involved in the beating up of a black man. Videos first published on Thursday show the violent arrest of a music producer, Michel Zecler. Three officers are seen inside Zecler’s music studio, repeatedly punching him and beating him with a truncheon.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

France is trying to make it illegal to film the police in some instances. Goodness gracious what an awful idea. Bodycams are awesome and if anything we need more photograph and video so we can see how much a j3rk the criminals are, it kinda shatters that dindu excuse when the criminal is caught on camera trying to flee the scene with his juvenile kidnapping victims in the car.

Masha 1 months

It's not just " seen beating a guy ", it's 3 LEO assaulting for 15 minutes straight a person inside private lands for allegedly not wearing his mask, while this person didn't fought back but verbally, and, after said 15 minutes of straight up beating a black dude cause he's not wearing his mask, allegedly, and after 15 minutes of this poor dude pleading and screaming for help, folks that were inside the music studio finally heard and arrived to the rescue, not knowing what was happening. The LEO throwed a CS 'nade indoors, and extremely vehemently arrested around half a dozen persons, amongst whom some teens. Yep, ALL of it was filmed. Yay, démocratie !

theBEAR 1 months

As usual this is an International issue. Will it ever cease or will we just continue to let it be present in our lives? This is more common than the common cold on an International scale. When will enough finally be enough?

Pero 1 months

Why is every second news Story about race? The division between us is growing and growing..

Radek Porczynski
Radek Porczynski 1 months

What was he doing?

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