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Hong Kong leader says US sanctions have left her with no bank account

Hong Kong leader says US sanctions have left her with no bank account

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has said she has ’piles of cash’ at home as she has no bank account after the US slapped sanctions on her in response to a security law imposed on the city. Lam was targeted in the toughest US action on Hong Kong since Beijing imposed the new law in June. Earning HK$5.21 million (USD 672,000) a year, Lam is one of the highest paid leaders in the world.

porcus 1 months

Sounds like Trump's sanctions are working wonderfully. :D And yet, there are still nitwits out there that think he is just the worse...

Property 1 months

Yeah, thats cause you are killing democracy and subgegating a group that has no interest in the CCP ruling them. This is presure on you to stop human rights violations

Cuppa T
Cuppa T 1 months

Boohoo... We are sorry for you. If you knew better, you wouldn't have been a puppet for the CCP.

Doug 1 months

Oh, right. What a burden it is to be Carrie Lam. Considering her dismal record on human rights, I have no sympathy for her and I'm willing to bet that most hongkongers don't either.

tim 1 months

What’s wrong with the banks in China. US sanctions has no impact where de puts he money. I call BS.

IIZard 1 months

Maybe you should not oppress HK you witch.

Candy 1 months

“Leader” Usually, leaders actually represent the people.

ben 1 months

No doubt most of that cash is part of her kickbacks from the Chinese government to represent their interests and not the Kong Kong peoples. She leaves no doubt as to who her true masters are

Cole. 1 months

Then maybe you should stop oppressing your people...

JustMy.02 1 months

Hey I know something that would be agreeable to her. She just needs to sign the transfer form and Trump will send all of her US assets over to the Chinese government. I’m sure she’ll get a much more equitable deal there with her friends.

nick 1 months

Good maybe her puppet masters will pay her off again

FAT WEAZLE 1 months

But I was told that in Communism there is no need for money?

Robert 1 months

Buy Bitcoin

Kevy 1 months

So, mainland China doesn't have banks to put money into?

_tallman 1 months

Good... Learn to be better players on the world stage

Randy 1 months

Maybe it's time to phase out banks anyway.

Darknimbus3 1 months

sad violin gif

Joe 1 months


Joseph McHugh
Joseph McHugh 1 months


Diddy 1 months

CCP propaganda.

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