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Kentucky police officer claims man is part of crime for filming arrest

Kentucky police officer claims man is part of crime for filming arrest

Kentucky man punched after filming the scene of an arrest regarding a check fraud scheme thwarted at the Citizens Union Bank. Bennett was pointed out by a suspect as a driver in the alleged scheme ’I just wanted to observe, so I tried to give them distance,’ Bennett told the local Spectrum1 station. Police reports say it was an empty strike while Bennet says it was a solid left hook.

Javier 1 months

It almost seems like there's a culture of everyone's guilty until proven innocent in many law enforcement circles. The officers that are meant to uphold the law often aren't as familiar with it and end up infringing on rights just to let someone else sort it out. Check out Audit the Audit on YouTube to see what I mean. They go over many police interactions. Some are benign but still infringe on rights and are worth a watch.

David O'Doherty
David O'Doherty 1 months

SCAB (some cops are bastards)

Josh 1 months

The police are just out of control in this country and all the rioting ain't helping seems to just make them worse like Rodney king said can't we all just get along well I guess they answered that question what I think really needs to happen is there needs to be a police force that goes after them they are just not going to behave most common people fear them more than they fear the criminals

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

It seems to me that American society needs to change its attitudes towards the police. Not trying to defend these officers at all, absolutely. I remember many years ago having an exchange with one of my acquaintances. He got a parking ticket and he was boasting how he managed to avoid paying the fine. Now, after some time into our exchange he admitted that yes, he violated the parking signs but he showed that "pig" who is the boss. And by way, the parking ticket wasn't going to burn a hole in his pocket. Why am I saying that? Imagine yourself being basically the janitor of the society. Facing very, let us say - unpleasant individuals, as a matter of course. And then read the press and social networks with regard to your work. And yes, police are human, men and women like us. Not saying at this particular event the officers did the right thing. But if looking at it slightly more generally - you, guys, desperately need to invest into your law enforcement force, not divest or defund.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 months

When stuff like this happens, and people respond by chanting that all cops are bad, it makes me want to chant all Blacks are bad, every time I see them working for those statistic numbers.

yuckycrumpet 1 months

Cop certainly screwed the interaction up.

edwin 1 months

Yeah... definitely not the best way to do things if as advertised. I'll have to dig up the video later though and see what was going on.

Ranger 1 months

Fire the cop change the felony assault. But nothing will happen to the police officer just like every other time even when the police murder unarmed people.

michael 1 months

Police are paid by tax money. Free press is protected by first amendment. We have the right to publicly display public employees doing their publicly paid job. If you won't put body cams on your cops, we NEED to keep the public's eye on those who claim to protect and serve the public.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

What the heck is an "empty strike?" Sounds to me like an admission of unlawful assault on the part of the officer, unless we want to set the precedent that the next time a cop tries to get fresh I can give him an open hand slap on the face and it'll be fine for me because it's just an EmPtY StRiKe.

Jay 1 months

Film every interaction with police. Period. It’s our responsibility to keep them accountable, not the joke of the division “internal affairs” Not all cops are bad, but I’m certainly no bootlicker who is going to defend the police when they violate our civil liberties.

Tengu 1 months

That headline is misleading. The suspect claimed, and is on camera pointing at, the man filming as an accomplice to his crime. They didn't approach him because he was filming, but because the guy they arrested said that he was part of the crime in question (check fraud).

Jon 1 months

File under: Not a smart officer.

Charles 1 months

How about this as a one-size-fits-all solution. Body cams on every officer. No off switch. You are a servant of the public, all actions should be recorded and accountable.

JustMy.02 1 months

Hey you know what would be an interesting experiment? If every police department across the country had a 30 day blue flu. I think the progressive here should certainly embrace this idea. Once and for all prove to the police that we don’t need them we can get along just fine without them LOL

ToddBundy 1 months


170K 1 months

wow even the police are whinging little babies in 2020 I'm not surprised at all.

Dave 1 months

Mama said knock you out, I'm gonna knock you out.

Martin 1 months

Conservatives: nothing to see here. This is obviously Denorat propaganda and fake news. Blue lives matter.

Doug 1 months

It's Kentucky. What do you expect? I'm just surprised that the cop didn't tell the guy,"You sure got purty lips."

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