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Biden promises to ’cooperate with China’ over trade war initiated by Trump

Biden promises to ’cooperate with China’ over trade war initiated by Trump

During the tenure of the Trump administration, there was an imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods worth £268 billion. In retaliation, China levied tariffs on US goods whose value accounted to £110 billion. However, Joe Biden has assured that the US will ’cooperate with China’ and offer a ’more stable approach’ to the ’trade war’ Trump began.

David 1 months

International Trade is good. However, Trump supports small businesses and tries to keep manufacturing in-house. Biden supports out sourcing manufacturing, which will be initially cheaper goods, but at the cost of American jobs. There is a reason why google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, are on the left. And it’s because they have the most to gain. Look at their networth over the global shutdowns. It’s skyrocketed and these companies virtue signal by fully supporting lockdowns for the sake of “safety” when it’s really because small businesses shutdown for good while big companies make more. These same companies censor opposing views to try to get everyone thinking the same way. This is partially why there is so much animosity and why so many people are fleeing to parler Less competition will always be bad.

S 1 months

Is anyone surprised? If Biden is in Charge, China will be the US President.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

Translation Beijing Biden wants a bigger squeeze and more juice for his support of the Chinese Communist Party's plan of world domination. 3.5 billion is not enough for the Big guy and his crime syndicate.

Flitch 1 months

Not even in office yet and has already backpedaled on his promis to be 'tough on china', who would have guessed.

JustFact 1 months

I firmly believe that we should keep as many jobs as possible here in the USA. Americans should want to see fellow Americans gainfully employed. It reduces the amount of homeless, and I also feel that trade schools are just as important, if not more than universities. Our future generations need to feel secure that once they finish school, many with loan debt already in tow, they will be able to find “good careers” not just jobs. I don’t feel that going back to a cozy relationship with China would be in the best interest of anyone in America. I think any President of the US should put America first, be it Democratic, or Republican.

America 1 months

Not even POTUS or president elect and he's already laying down. I would be embarrassed if I voted for this guy. On the other hand, Orange Man Good, he loves America :)

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 1 months

Mattis thinks we need to get rid of America First policy and Biden says we will accomodate China. Anyone see a pattern here? America last?

John 1 months

This is the opinion of Professor of International Relations at London Metropolitan University, Dr Andrew Moran. This is not a statement from Biden or his team.

Barry 1 months

The Express is the best we can do here? Tabloid

judd 1 months

Wonder just how much China is shelling out for this kind of promise, or are they willing to get rid of a few blacmail tid bits.

Seekster 1 months

I have every confidence that Biden will bend over and ask winnie the pooh to give it to him gently.

David 1 months

In other words he'll bow down to China and keep their unfair trade going.

MyVoice 1 months

Stable approach is one that stop usa companies off shoring jobs and manufacturing. There has to be a balance and it has to be monitored by a new dept.

ben 1 months

Down on your knees America, Joe is trying to make a comeback!

karma 1 months

China says jump.

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