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Protests erupt in France over bill outlawing use of police images

Protests erupt in France over bill outlawing use of police images

Protests have erupted in France over a security bill that will make it a crime to publish photos or video of police officers with the intent of harming their ’physical or psychological integrity.’ Demonstrators believe that the proposed bill will prevent reporters from covering police brutality. In Paris, the protests turned violent as people lit cars on fire and pelted stones at police officials.

Gabriel 1 months

Yeah this law smells like bs

WorkingMan 1 months

Police brutality is a real thing and it needs to be exposed and addressed. This doesn't mean we liberals "hate" the police, in fact quite the opposite! But excessive force, to the point of actual brutality is not acceptable - or legal. If you want to investigate further just how rampant police brutality is in America, a simple internet search, especially YouTube will instantly bring up all kinds of articles and video evidence. Allow yourself to be open minded.

Seekster 1 months

Can we all just agree that France is weird?

coughdrop1989 1 months

When does police brutality even happen in France? None of the cops even have guns. Love to see a article of actual proof.

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