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First African American cardinal appointed by Pope

First African American cardinal appointed by Pope

Pope Francis appointed Wilton Gregory as a cardinal, along with 12 others, at a ceremony in Vatican, with participants donning face masks and some appearing via video link. Mr. Gregory is the first African American to hold the role. The red robed cardinals are among the senior most clergymen in the Roman Catholic Church after the Pope himself, and are involved in electing the Pope.

Tom A
Tom A
Stefnir 1 months

That's pretty neat

gregory 1 months

If Gregory walked his talk then he would refuse Biden communion owing to his political stance on abortion on demand

RichieRamirez 1 months

pedophile diversity inclusiveness

karma 1 months

Lol he's not a real pope

KeybladeMasterAndy 1 months

However, still no Tucan birds in the vatacan.

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