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Federal court in Pennsylvania rejects Trump’s election challenge

Federal court in Pennsylvania rejects Trump’s election challenge

A federal appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit by the Trump campaign over Pennsylvania’s voting procedures. The court upheld the results of the presidential election in the state and remarked that ’calling an election unfair does not make it so.’ The Trump campaign is expected to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court for emergency injunctive relief.

Down goes Frazier
Down goes Frazier 1 months

Again, that crazy word “evidence” keeps getting in the way.

Lir 1 months

Have you Trump supporters had your fun yet with the frivolous lawsuits?

David 1 months

I don’t believe in widespread voter fraud. But the lack of transparency and openness on the left makes me believe in voter fraud. Websites and documents scrubbed, even government websites. Censorship. Vague “fact checks” that supposedly dispute election fraud saying it’s rare. It’s like getting in a hit and run and posting about it, and Twitter disputing it saying that hit and runs are rare.. If there are SO many irregularities, especially with dominion voting and what has provenly CAN BE DONE to manipulate, edit, shift votes, etc. , then that system should be scrapped. Voter fraud belief is not the “fault” of trump supporters like CNN, MSN, etc claim. It’s on both sides. Everyone wants a better nation so stop treating each other like enemies.

Jim 1 months

I don’t understand why people celebrate the downfall of our country. It seems rather easy to simply look at what Trumps saying and disprove it rather than being happy that they aren’t allowed access to the evidence. What state has actually openly provided what Trumps teams have requested ? These court rulings do nothing to ensure us. Rather than clear law they are full of uncomfortable messages; you can have observers but there is no law saying how close you have to let them be, there may be some fraud or accidents but they’ve already happened so what can we do ?, Even if there was fraud we can’t disenfranchise the legal votes ....... This could all be so very simple to confirm or refute but nobody is really interested in doing it

Delterra 1 months

It's almost like you have to actually base allegations on something resembling proof and not fantasy or some such... If only trumpets would learn that their unsubstantiated fantasies of an authoritarian hellscape won't happen in a democratic country protected by a constitution.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

You lost. Deal with it. You are the drama queen of grifters.

Down goes Frazier
Down goes Frazier 1 months

I suggest that the first step in going Supreme Court by Donald would be to actually gather real evidence, not just these vague assumptions of corruption.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

Still waiting for a SINGLE REPUBLICAN to explain why there would be an international conspiracy to steal Potus but not the House or Senate. What? Did they just forget?

Tea&Coffee 1 months

If the left and democrats have nothing to hide then what is wrong with going ahead and investigating it? Whether there is enough evidence or not the fact that there is something yet they refuse to investigate is what is making people suspicious. If you have nothing to hide if Joe Biden have nothing to hide then prove it to us and we can all let it rest.

Daniel 1 months

Another win and another case pushed to the Supreme Court... I love how the lefty’s think this is bad? It’s exactly what he wanted to happen. Now it’s going to the Supreme Court. GG

Barry 1 months

Trump keeps saying the Supreme court is going to do what they did in 2000. He's absolutely right. They're going to give the election to the candidate who's already won

⚓️ᔕIᔕᑌGIᖇᒪ🌊 1 months

Isn’t it rather ironic that when T**** claimed he won by a “landslide” over Secretary Clinton in 2016, despite her taking the popular vote, those Republicans who turned the GOP into a Trump Cult celebrated with glee...and vile, disgusting, vulgar, juvenile behaviours toward the people who voted for Clinton? Of course we heard how that Election was tampered with. Now? T**** lost both the popular vote AND The Electoral College & we tired, fed-up citizens are sick of all of the lawsuits, Tweets, & failure to concede. Now it’s 2020 & those same Republicans are still just nasty, angry Trumpsters. He’s acting out like a 16 year old who can’t use his parent’s car or a toddler who lost his Nuk. He’s the most embarrassing thing in the USA. Just pack up your crap & start moving out. 👋🏻 Take the Proud Boys with ya.

Gaunt Dusk
Gaunt Dusk 1 months

Why are none of you noting that shooting down a case means you can appeal to a higher court? Thus meaning that you can actually get this pulled all the way to the supreme court? I mean he did put in 3 of the current judges. But sure, be cocky. Don't be on guard. It worked so well last time.

WorkingMan 1 months

Hahahahahahaha... he is a joke so I laugh. His claims are baseless. Keep in mind these are Republican judges - appointed by Republicans that are dismissing his ridiculous law suits. #FactsMatter

Sigfried 1 months

And yet another judge just upheld holding the Penn State election confirmation process due to the fact that mail-in voting might have gone against the Pennsylvania state constitution. But the anti trumper's too busy gloating about this lawsuit and laughing at their flawed understanding of the word evidence to pay attention.

Matthew 1 months

An injunction stopping the appointment of electors from Pennsylvania was just put in place. Judge says GOP will likely win on their claim that ALL MAIL IN BALLOTS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL (per the Pennsylvanian Constitution). If they win, every mail in ballot would be void and Trump would win the state.

Pat 1 months

As expected. This judge was appointed by Trump. Judges, when appointed, swear loyalty to the Constitution, not to whom ever appointed them. You will see the same with SCOTUS. If you believe otherwise, you set yourself up for a big disappointment. Unfortunately, if someone keeps saying “fraud””,” “stolen election,” often enough, people believe it. But as the judge said, saying it doesn’t make it so. Time to understand the election is over. The majority have spoken. Time to move on.

Kevin 1 months

This appeal is planned to happen to get the case to the Supreme Court. A very smart strategy by the Trump team of lawyers.

porcus 1 months

This is a stale story. It has no bearing whatsoever on the court hearing on the unconstitutional issues there in Pennsylvania and mail-in ballots; that one is still ongoing and the judge in that has injunctioned the State from certifying the election results.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 1 months

Okay, too bad for the Libs that the local Penn. Legislative Branch is calling bull on the election, and is probably going to win. Penn looks like it will probably go Trump now.

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