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Record heat wave in Australia sparks fear of bushfires

Record heat wave in Australia sparks fear of bushfires

The Rural Fire Service in Australia has issued a total fire ban in eastern and northeastern parts of New South Wales. The ban comes in the wake of a record heat wave which has sparked fresh fears of wildfires. Sydney recorded 104 degrees while western New South Wales, South Australia, and northern Victoria recorded a 113 degrees. Officials say there is a ’very high to severe fire danger forecast.’

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 1 months

Well this is all BS. We've had these temperatures around Sydney for as long as I can remember. Was this written by a climate alarmist?

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Under the intense heatwave, the metals could no longer do their job. Clasps and snaps if all kinds, little hooks and slots, all at once failed catastrophically. At this point the swimwears of all the women decided to abandon their posts and they made their way to the water to cool off. A collective shriek filled the air as two dozen women suddenly felt the cold air against themselves. Myself, I immediately shielded my eyes from viewing the embarrassed maidens by simply lowering my fedora, but there were other, weaker men that clapped and whooped a bunch at all the frantic women seeking ways to conceal their endowments. One man even began to pick up the AWOL clothing in an effort to hide it from the maidens, so I countered by gathering as many as I could and dispersing them to the women folk. I swear, officer, that is how I came to be in possession of fifteen over the shoulder boulder holders when you pulled up, I am a most gallant gentleman and I would never do anything untoward the ladies. May I please go home now?

Alek 1 months

You people are delusional. The facts are in front of your face. There is no speculation or theories here. It is a literal fact this is unprecedented. If there was any room to deny or question anything here, fox and sky news would be the first to report it. These are both networks that deny man made climate change. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

TheMadDane 1 months

Welp, just need to give the elites and government more of our tax dollars so they can save us from climate change.

Delterra 1 months

It's all about land management! Heat is a lie

WorkingMan 1 months

Climate change is real.

big zac
big zac 1 months

It’s cooked here don’t come here the sun wants us dead again

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