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Biden announces all-female White House communications team

Biden announces all-female White House communications team

President-elect Joe Biden Sunday unveiled his all-female White House communications team, naming longtime Dem spokesperson Jen Psaki as his White House press secretary and campaign spokesperson Kate Bedingfield as communications director. Four of the 7 top communications roles will be filled by women of color, and it’s the 1st time the entire senior WH communications team will be entirely female.

Brutus 1 months

How could choosing people based on immutable traits go wrong? I’m so glad that in 2020 the left can openly cheer that all they care about a person is immutable traits.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 1 months

So, he's a sexist and a revised geriatric. THE most unfit person, even if he wasn't demented.

J 1 months

Wow...this is just the beginning of the identity politics this K***mala Harris's hand puppet is going to force down our throats.

Bernice 1 months

Tbh, as a woman, I would prefer to have a mix. Women tend to communicate based on emotion and that can change the accuracy of information. This actually varies greatly during our monthly cycle which gives us varying hormones on a daily basis.

edwin 1 months

I get that telephone, television, and tell-a-woman are the tree fastest ways of spreading information, but we want it coherent and accurate with no spin. A fifty fifty mix seems better for that, seen all female companies and that doesn't end well, so an all female communications department can't be good.

Matthew 1 months

Thank God the left is here to remind everyone that what is really important is the color of your skin or your gender.

WasRIGHT 1 months

What does it matter, Everything in that admin is crooked anyways and will have the media to lie for them 24/7. But it is good to see that the slow left voted in another old, rich White Man.

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 1 months

Is he saying women are better at communicating cos they're always talking? Kinda sexist Joe.

Andromeda 1 months

Is he sure they were all female? The liberals won't like it if he is misgendering on top of cisgendering. Use your pronouns wisely Biden your life may and probably will depend on it.

Ameritexican 1 months

Welp, they usually smell better than men... But seriously, could they pander any harder?

Matt 1 months

Fight sexism, with sexism! If there was anyone who was better qualified, they just lost a top, influential and important spot because wokeness. I hope this trend doesn't continue. Don't focus on minorities so much that you ignore the masses. This team could be the best among their peers, but let's not kid ourselves what the motivation was, given the decision-maker. 7/7 women, 4 of which are because skin color quota. I hear the other side of the argument. It's been yelled long enough that nobody is listening anymore. Explain why doing this dance of inclusivity, necessarily by promoting exclusion of one group, is a good thing. Point to one mass political event in time, where demonizing and excluding a group turned out well. Get woke or not, stop the middle ground stuff. We know it's a racist and ideological way of thinking. Stop pretending you didn't strawman a group into being the worst, committing the original sin of the Leftist: privilege.

Rational ific
Rational ific 1 months

Not very good "representation", as men make up about 50% of the country, and whites still (for the time being) make up over 60% of the country. But for them, "representation" means "no white men" (and apparently, "no black men or other men", either).

TheMadDane 1 months

Where the transgenders at, Joe!?

D 1 months

People should be appointed for their ability and understanding of position. Not color of skin. Would not want a Doctor just because of color but, their ability and knowledge of what they are doing.

Logan 1 months

Could you imagine if this was done with Men? I just know I am glad we weren't oppressed for hundreds of years so that other social groups felt they had to help us out, that would really suck. Anyway I think Kamala is not just a woman but she is black too, so, double whammy, am I right? Man I love punching down.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Back in the day, a man in power surrounding himself by women was not a progressive man. He was a pervert.

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 1 months

If gender doesn't matter then why pick an all female crew? And I believe Biden picked them as much as I believe he picked Harris as his VP.

Andrew 1 months

If it was coincidencal then that's fine with me. However, if it was intentional then it looks bad to be prioritizing certain people based on their sex.

AW1990 1 months

Seeing as the left fully embrace the gender wage gap theory this is clearly so he can pay them less to free up money for his programs, such as student loan relief (sarcasm... maybe?)

karma 1 months

Biden is a thief

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