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Some Guantanamo prisoners may be released, following Biden victory

Some Guantanamo prisoners may be released, following Biden victory

After President Donald Trump had brought to an end the Obama administration’s practice of reviewing cases of men held at Guantanamo, and consequently releasing them if imprisonment was no longer deemed necessary, the recent election victory of Joe Biden have given rise to a hope that the same will resume. Guantanamo largely faded from the news after Obama failed to close it.

Tom A
Tom A
Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

When you have a media in bed with a single political party, that refuses to report and inform the people of the corruption of said parties candidate, you have a problem. Don't really know of any legislative step to tackle this, we had three years of russia lies with no evidence and promise after promise of "bombshells", but the emails of the son of the former VP confirming his corruption are "not newsworthy"... What a time to be alive

Lisa 1 months

SD, the people are truly sick of the lefty-slanted one-sided 'news' as well as the censorship and blocking of any contrary ideas to the Lamestream Media Marching Orders. And they are fleeing to alternate locations, I'm sure News-Voice is is included as one of these better options. There is a difference between two-way free discussion and troll-infestation. We get to swallow it all here but it's better than the alternative. And how do you like Facebook contributing to the ballot collection process? Ain't that Sweet of Zuckerborg? I think so, I'm sure it fits just fine into your sense of fairness honesty and justice. Plus it gave some people a Little Extra Pocket Change, always needed in COVID times.

SD 1 months

Have you been living under a rock for the past four years? Please set aside your blind allegiance to Trump long enough to consider this: The media's devotion might be more to American democracy and the rule of law than Joe Biden.

Mopeyhornet 1 months

Ha to the ha

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