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Nurse placed on leave after posting TikTok video mocking COVID protocols

Nurse placed on leave after posting TikTok video mocking COVID protocols

A nurse from Oregon has been placed on administrative leave after she posted a TikTok video shunning basic COVID-19 measures. In the video uploaded to TikTok, the nurse, identified as Ashley Grames from Salem Health, was seen saying she doesn’t wear a mask in public outside of work, continues to travel and allows her kids to have playdates. The video sparked a swift outcry online.

Rocky 1 months

OMG! She is being normal and letting her children live their lives! What a criminal! /s What a bunch of fake a$$ manufactured outrage over nothing special at all. Not particularly infectious and not particularly deadly, but here we are acting like it's an apocalypse. Studies have shown there has been no major uptick in elderly mortality rate year over year as a result of covid and elderly account for over 60% of the deaths. Let the woman work. Let her travel if it makes her happy. Let her children have playdates. This is no more dangerous than it has ever been. As far as masks, the scientific community has yet to provide any evidence for efficacy. All available evidence in all studies conducted over the past 100+ years all point to cloth masks having zero effect on virus transmission. We even know why they don't work for viruses/aerosoles. Cloth masks are incapable of filtering particules under 300 um where virus aerosoles are .18 um and under. This means cloth masks can only filter particles more than 1,500x the size of viral aerosoles. This is not controversial, this is scientific fact based on over a dozen peer reviewed studies that span over 100 years. The lies around masks has to have some other purpose because we know they don't stop virus transmission.

Pj 1 months

I have spoke with multuple nurse's in california that is saying the same, but they wont go public because of fear for their jobs. It is a shame we live in a time period in america where information is suppressed.

Chad 1 months

Please continue to ignore the 99.96% recovery rate and wear a mask and stay undeground

FuntimeFoxy 1 months

As a Frontline worker, especially as a nurse, she is responsible for many other lives outside of her own. If she doesn't want to wear a mask in public and take her children to play dates, etc that is her choice. The correct response from any employer would be to fire her and hire someone who acts responsibly.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

As someone in emergency healthcare myself, Good job. Live your life. Honestly amazing the social stigma that is living life like you did in January.

Christopher 1 months

I'm all for personal freedom but this isn't something conspiracy theory like some people are claiming. And while most conspiracy theories are rather harmless believing you know better in this case puts my children, family, and elderly parents at risk. And seeing her smiling while bragging about being a selfish moron gets me heated.

Angel 1 months

This is just funny and sad to see so many people on the side of negligence, many people in these comments really are dense... wow impressive

John 1 months

This is how a disease spreads. This is a temporary situation which will resolve after the vaccines have rolled out - say another 6-12 months. In the meantime there's no good reason not to take precautions. A tiny percentage of deaths due to careless negligence still results in TOO MANY DEATHS. Try to care.

Mrs. Phoenix
Mrs. Phoenix 1 months

My mother almost died from trump’s virus. My cousin, a healthy runner btw, on my father’s side is currently fighting for her life in the hospital (some of her organs have shut down) because of this virus. Frick you and everything you and similar “geniuses” stand for, Grames. Selfish heifer.

Elijah 1 months

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” I’ve heard it time and time again in the comments of almost every single report on a black man being shot by police for not obeying orders. Funny we aren’t seeing the same folks saying the same here 🤔 Should she have gotten punished for this? Personally I don’t think so. Unless she was willfully trying to infect or hurt people, which it doesn’t seem like the case. Although, hospital admin have to do what they can to provide a safe place to receive treatment for many other ailments that people still deal with despite covid, and having an employee publically resisting that is probably cause for discipline.

John W
John W 1 months

Meanwhile a black man in France severely beaten for not wearing a mask. Beating vid "Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste," a phrase popularized by Rahm Emanuel

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 1 months

I have noticed the majority of people on this platform are Americans. If you are bent on making bad things even worse, carry on with slamming each other abou all things COVID-19. Without debating if COVID-19 is or is not a threat. The majority of Western Democratic countries are quite competent at counting corpses. It's pretty hard to argue over a stack of dead people.🤣🇨🇦

Matthew 1 months

I for one totally support this! It's about time we let nature take its course and wipe us all out. I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner with the amount of genuine r*tards walking around

Rocket 1 months

Good for her, calling out the Fear-mongering Marxist Monkees that control Democrap-run States.

Imota 1 months

This nurse deserves to be in jail and her certification credential should be revoked.😷😷😷

Brutus 1 months

Very few people actually follow all the “Covid guidelines” as many of them seem rather absurd and make life not worth living (as we have seen elderly people choose assisted suicide over Covid restrictions). Personally, I go out quite often. I’ll have a nice dinner with my wife or with friends or family. I’m a college student and I need to have interactions with people or I’ll go insane. I guess people can criticize a person who is at least being honest as they continue pushing restriction dogma that they don’t follow, until they get caught that is.

Michael 1 months

Placed on leave? Take her degree and make her retake her medical classes. Obviously didn’t learn anything about contagious disease.

Ed 1 months

What's the problem I refuse to wear mask 😷 fuck the governor

Glen 1 months

We all know the state has done a bang up job. They can't stand it win people exercise their freedoms.

Ryan 1 months

Cancel culture for people who are just living their day to day. Excellent

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