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Tom Cotton questions Biden on admin picks

Tom Cotton questions Biden on admin picks

Sen. Tom Cotton tweeted Sunday that Joe Biden has chosen some controversial people to fill his cabinet. ’He’s picked a national security team that is weak on China, a DHS nominee who sold visas for powerful political friends, and a partisan hack who called Susan Collins ’the worst’ for OMB.’ Biden’s pick for Homeland Security is Alejandro Mayorkas, while his picks for Director OMB is Neera Tanden.

Kevin 1 months

Really! Tom Cotton is going to slam Biden's picks? How many of Trump's cadre of unpatriots did Cotton endorse? How about the radicalization of the Supreme Court? Any problem for Cotton there? The world is upside down.

Jon 1 months

The sooner Bidens realizes that they are gonna call him a socialist no matter how many Republicans he puts in his cabinet the better.

Alalia 1 months

Timothy, your posting of this story violates the very simple guidelines laid out by Newsvoice... You are supposed to use multiple link from MULTIPLE SIDES of the story, and one from another country. Your summary and title also use highly loaded words.

Celeo 1 months

Tom can't do uh better job Look at Trumps cabinet Enough said Corruption..

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