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DOJ, FBI ’missing in action’ on alleged election fraud, says Trump

DOJ, FBI ’missing in action’ on alleged election fraud, says Trump

President Trump slammed the Department of Justice and FBI for ’missing in action’ regarding alleged election fraud. ’Where are they? I’ve not seen anything. They just keep moving along and they go on to the next president,’ Trump said about the agencies. Trump, who has yet to concede to President-elect Joe Biden, went on to stress that he believes ’this election was a fraud.’

E n
E n 1 months

Also missing in action, evidence to support his wild claims.

Randall 1 months

I don't like to say this but it's becoming apparent that DJT is seriously acting like a paranoid meth addict. All the signs are there.

Josh 1 months

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” 3rd Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee, wrote for the three-judge panel, all appointed by Republican presidents. Good to see some of Trump's judicial appointees are honest and upstanding.

MIDESSA 1 months

Do the words "rats" and "ships" come to mind or is it just me?? It's a casual thought of course as I can assure you as it has 0 shock value.

Big 1 months

DOJ and FBI are democrat pawns!!

bill 1 months

Trump is a snowflakes snowflake.

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 1 months

Barr has bailed on Delusional Narcissist Fascist Drumpf.

Celeo 1 months

Is what it is Trump says it well

John W
John W 1 months

Rand Paul calls out massive vote irregularities. Senator Rand Paul claims statistical 'fraud' in states where Trump lost, calls out Big Tech These supposed “vote spikes” occurred in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia

Der Wünderbarbar
Der Wünderbarbar 1 months

The Feds are probably just laughing themselves ragged at home..

Alana 1 months

It’s over. We hate Biden too, but it’s time to fold em.

yuckycrumpet 1 months

What he can’t find them to fire them? Maybe Melania has shown them her hiding spots?

Steve 1 months

This whole "the election is rigged" fiction looks like it's going to backfire in Georgia's Senate races.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

Gee you mean the government won't help you steal an election?

Jim 1 months

Trump is missing in action!! He's hiding in his bunker!!! He can't handle being a LOSER!!!

Sigfried 1 months

This comment section did not age well seeing as the FBI has now officially begun probing into the voter Integrity project data. This was not someone coming to the FBI with it oh, this was the FBI getting proactive. That should be curbing the hubris of Democrats and making them pay attention really quick. Not saying this move is going to guarantee in any way that Trump wins, but if you are still claiming that there is no evidence of widespread election fraud, then you obviously haven't seen this data and should be asking why things like "reliable sources" or "sources familiar with..." haven't been telling you about it.

Cajun 1 months

So he slams the DOJ and the FBI cause they MIA, huh,lol

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