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Man fatally shot a teenager in Oregon for playing loud music

Man fatally shot a teenager in Oregon for playing loud music

A man has been charged with murder after he allegedly shot and killed a teen in the parking lot of an Ashland hotel on Monday last week. The shooting drew condemnation from Southern Oregon’s Black community. The teen was identified as Aidan Ellison, 19. Robert Keegan, 47, has been charged with his murder. Keegan shot Ellison after the pair got into an argument over Ellison playing loud music.

WWIII 1 months

Somehow there has to be more to the story, again we make sure to mention the victim is black regardless of any other facts of the story or what took place prior to the shooting... I wonder what song he was playing, it must’ve been pretty horrible, nickelback maybe?

Quetzalcoatl 1 months

Journalists are going crazy. Here's an excerpt from one of the articles: Edmonds said the killing itself, as well as the way it was framed by police and local media, is an example of the area’s culture of white supremacy. “The incident where Aidan was shot after an argument listening to his music was really about him not submitting to that man’s perceived authority,” she said. She added that the organization was frustrated with many people, including police and local news organizations, for their attempts to absolve Keegan while vilifying Ellison. “He was listening to his music too loudly — that’s irrelevant,” Edmonds said. “It doesn’t change a thing, how good the man who shot him was. All of those things are not relevant to what occurred. But that’s the narrative, that’s the frame of white supremacy.” No facts, no evidence, the author speculates the "white supremacy" angle completely. If more evidence comes out proving Keegan to be an avid KKK member then I'll bite but at the moment this is such a stretch. Hopefully others don't take the bait, this is an example of journalism at its laziest.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

He was just listening to music! He was a good boy! He dindu nuffin! The evil white man! RaAaAaAaAacism! [Expand] (X) Doubt, people don't just pull guns like that, there is more context that we are missing here. Seriously, think for a second. Do any of you honestly believe there are just scores of white people lingering and waiting for their chance to kill black folk? Whay could they be thinking, "Yeah, that'll show him, I murdered him in a public place and now I'll have to go through nightmarish legal proceedings and potentially 25 years in prison. Ha! Checkmate, blacks!"

Chris 1 months

Reminds me of the story about a black man who shot another black man over a popeyes sandwich. When they just got into a fight at popeyes that ended up in a shooting.

Billy 1 months

It's not the color of the challenger, it is often how you reply. Be SMART and use your common sense. It might save your life.

David 1 months

If he was listening to gangsta rap, maybe the shooter was trying to stop racism and mistreatment of women based on the lyrics he was hearing?

MIDESSA 1 months

What do you expect from a country that unfortunately has a small but significant number of people that truly believe the best way to stop gun violence is more guns in more people's hands. Seriously, I know makes my head spin as well but hey Americans have a history of being a little slow to catch on (slavery, woman's rights, ect). Keep in mind an extreme number of these people are the ones screaming the loudest about having to wear masks during a pandemic so the pattern is definatly there.

iTeraByte 1 months

@Robert - direct question. Are you completely oblivious to the roots of racism that is this country? Do you believe the KKK and like minds died out in the 60s? I get it, some people are discomforted by the images they are now facing. In part, it’s the fault of the media, but not for the reasons you may wish to believe. It’s because the media has throughout history and still today, projected positive images of “white” people while degrading the images of “black/brown” people. And now since the covers are being pulled back to expose injustices and criminal behavior of “white” people, some white people become offended because their image of “white” is being challenged, leading them to feel attacked. What you are seeing is NOT some campaign to demonize white people, you’re finally seeing what’s true in parts of the US.

FuntimeFoxy 1 months

This is race bait, and I see who is taking it. Keep up the divisional thinking, because that certainly helps us unite 🙄

Montgomery 1 months

Everyone is arguing about the definition of late term abortion. I for once know that people develope up till 25 hence aborting a teen because it is developmentally defective and possibly handicapped is totally legal. Os. I've got it on good auditory that he was listening to nickelback

dan 1 months

“He was listening to his music too loudly — that’s irrelevant,” Edmonds said. none of the stories tell you this happened a 4 in the morning, now I'm not saying it's justified but if I had to live in a hotel because my house burned down and was woke up at 4 in the morning because of loud music I wouldn't be thinking straight

porcus 1 months

Seems like he could have called the police on the kid (disturbing the peace, at least) instead of confronting him. I bet there is more to this than the whole claim of wHiTe SuPrEmAcIsT, that is such a weak excuse.

Seekster 1 months

That is not appropriate conflict resolution.

Jackson 1 months

I can't wait for the conservative excuses "He was no angel" and "he should have done this"

Diddy 1 months

Black community condems it. Of course they do, but say nothing about the mother shot at a funeral service by one of her own a few days ago.

Ed 1 months


Aaron 1 months

But no, the police system is fine as it is, god forbid we change anything.

Indo 1 months

Well what can u say. But tsk tsk tsk. Guns are big market boys. Make more, hear hear

Bryan_with_a_why 1 months

What does the victim's race have anything to do with this? Why haven't people seen through this obvious race baiting yet?

Barry 1 months

Is it strange that the source labeled Right is the one talking about white supremacy being the problem?

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