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Moderna to apply for emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine in US, Europe

Moderna to apply for emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine in US, Europe

Moderna plans to apply for US and European emergency authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine based on full results from a late-stage study showing its vaccine was 94.1% effective. It also reported a 100% success rate in preventing severe cases. Previously, Pfizer has applied for emergency use authorization in the US, putting it about a week ahead of Moderna.

Donald 1 months

So many side effects being hidden up in these trials.. Once you see the pattern there's no way you will blindly take this experiement. Several people developed transverse myelitis along with psychological issues... The fact they continued the trials , saying these developements are just a coincidence...not to mention Johnson and Johnson not even disclosing what exactly caused their volunteer an "unexplained illness" leading to paused trial.... Nothing to see here folks.. Or someone dying in the control group. It was not just a control group because the placebo was a meningitis vaccine. You'd have to be willfully ignorant to take this Great Reset trap...most likely will have a time release and be nasal so the nanotherapeutics can have direct access to your blood brain barrier..and for those paying attention, you know that a certain type of EMF is known for causing this barrier to weaken and in experiments done, the dye dots would bleed into the brain... Imagine for a moment what what would mean. Osmosis of nanotherapeutics on time release..... Easy Control and when it's a 2 step process, you can only imagine that one is an agent and the other an actuator

Amoneywilson 1 months

Wait, 100% success in severe cases? So they can give dosage of vaccine for patients already sick?

TheMadDane 1 months

Wow, so Moderna has finally successfully created a vaccine. Good for them. Lulz

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