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Biden set to receive first president’s daily intelligence brief Monday

Biden set to receive first president’s daily intelligence brief Monday

President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to have his first daily presidential intelligence briefing Monday. The White House reportedly signed off on the briefings for Biden last week. A president-elect typically begins receiving the briefings in the weeks before he is inaugurated to ensure a smooth transition process. Biden’s office said that following the briefing, Biden would meet with advisers.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Fine by me. With the presidency up for question might as well cover all avenues.

Invisible “O” King
Invisible “O” King 1 months

Kinda wierd for someone who is still only former Vice President. But i guess they dont need to hide that the establishment is back in power. Then again considereing how governemnt officials lied, not only to Trump, but to the American people; the establishment never really left, so i guess it really doesnt matter who is President. All these people voting for Biden not realising they are Trump voters with Biden's "bring America back." The dudes been in politics for 47 years and has done hardly anything good. Biden has created legislation which is now seen as examples of systematic racism, been on the wrong side of almost every argument considrreing foreign conflict, flip flopping on political positions sich as getting rid of oil, and sniffing women and girls to which it has been stated they did not enjoy, not to mention comparing Trump to one of tue most well liked President of all time, Abraham Lincoln. Hell, Trump has done more for minority communities than many other politicians in our government. In fact, he was even more popular amongst minorities this election than the last one, only losing out in the white male demographic. But man, so we need to get rid of these nationalist and globalist trains of thought everyone has. There is a greater importance in focusing on your state governemnt than the federal. The American people, for the centuries since our foundation, have been giving evermore power to a centralized government, by supporting political parties and pushing federal law over state rights, as well as allowing for laws and taxes to pay for conflict to stay long after the conflict is over, not to mention supporting the shenanigans which have corrupted our government into becoming a nearly completely different system than we had prior.

David 1 months

Technically joe isn’t the president elect until the electoral votes are cast. The media is using the term unofficially.

Rhokanth 1 months

I voted Trump but the people claiming he still has a chance are why so many people think Republicans are dumb.

Something Witty
Something Witty 1 months

Hi it’s me, joe Biden is factually not president elect until the electors votes are counted.

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 1 months

Funny thing, not that I'm a slave to US news or politics, is that to the best of my knowledge the only 2 elections that were allegedly fake, rigged or fixed. Use what ever adjective you want. Was when Trump won in 2016 and when he lost in 2020. Nope I don't see alot of logic in there.🤣🇨🇦

Satan411 1 months

At least someone is reading it now.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 months

He can wait two more months

Delterra 1 months

Thank god finally

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

Awesome sauce man. Gotta love ignoring the republicans and just keep doing what your doing biden 4 years of biden and maybe 4 after?

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 1 months

And he won't remember any of it by Monday afternoon.

IIZard 1 months

Give him the boot.

Chad 1 months

Get those money pallets ready again

MIDESSA 1 months

"Meet with advisers" now that's sweet music we haven't heard in 4 yrs

Joseph 1 months

Did I miss something? When did he become president elect?

TheMadDane 1 months

Aaaaaaaand he breaks another ankle.

America 1 months

Courtesy of Adam Schiff.

David 1 months

Lol, Joey has never been briefly intelligent.

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 1 months

Matthew I hear Trump is going to award himself the Medal of Honor for Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty for his severing in the Viet Nam war. Maybe you can get invited to the ceremony before he begins his WALK of SHAME out of the White House!🤣🇨🇦

Matthew 1 months

I don't know about yall but I am super excited for Brittle Bones Biden to take office. First coward to ever sit in the White House...good job all.

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