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Dominion server crash delays recount in Fulton County

Dominion server crash delays recount in Fulton County

According to reports, election officials in Georgia’s Fulton County said Sunday that a newly purchased Dominion Voting Systems mobile server crashed that delayed the state’s third recount of the presidential election. The report indicated that about 88% of the ballots have been counted and the recount will resume again on Monday, as the issue was being fixed.

Chris 1 months

Crashed? Lmao that's what they said election night but according to evidence it was to "adjust" algorithm because they didnt anticipate so many Trump ballots lmao!!!! Suppose you wont see that news here though... it's too true to be on Main Stream Medias. Sad people, sad country.

David Shechtman
David Shechtman 1 months


dan 1 months


IvoryDove 1 months

#AuditTheSignatures. Recounting ballots is a waste of time.

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