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Mysterious monolith found in remote Utah desert is gone

Mysterious monolith found in remote Utah desert is gone

A mysterious monolith discovered in Utah has been removed, just as mysteriously as it appeared. The 10–12 foot metal structure was found last week, planted in the ground and tucked into a red rock cove. The monolith had originally been spotted by state wildlife officials helping to count bighorn sheep. Officials confirmed they had not removed the structure since it is private property.

MonolithPlacer 2 months

Thank God someone found it, I've been looking for it for years!

Logan 2 months

This guy on Instagram does a great job of showing how it’s man made. You can see saw marks in the ground and the monolith is held together by rivers. It’s definitely man made so a man probably came back and removed it. Here the link to the video

Zero 2 months

Some eccentric artist is somewhere laughing his ass off and saying "they FINALLY found it".

Matthew 2 months

This is a God level troll. My hat is off to whomever is doing this.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

It was probably just a new wireless Tesla Charging Station they were testing for elemental wear. Lol

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