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British cinemas, restaurants may require Covid-19 vaccination proof for entry

British cinemas, restaurants may require Covid-19 vaccination proof for entry

Nadhim Zahawi, Britain’s Covid-19 vaccine minister, said cinemas, restaurants and sports venues may make it compulsory for people to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination before granting them entry. Zahawi, who is tasked with overseeing the rollout of the vaccine, said although the vaccine may not be compulsory, businesses may use a contact-tracing app that could include a person’s vaccine status.

John 1 months

Hardly surprising. The UK doesn't have much individual liberty left. They'll arrest you for what you say on Twitter for God's sake.

Shane 1 months

If this comes to pass you can say goodbye to your liberties. Australian Airlines are also considering this option. There should never be a mandate on people to take vaccines. A covid test should be just fine. This is unprecedented. I'm so sad for the direction this world is heading in. And I'm fed up of people being so cluelessly complicit in it all. We will destroy the rights we fought for at this rate, all to solve a single problem.

Randall 1 months

I saw this coming a mile away. The same thing will happen here the US. The President doesn't run the government no matter which party. Corporations own the US government. Late stage capitalism dictates our lives in every way.

dark 1 months

So it begins...

Eric Shun
Eric Shun 1 months

Oh you want to go out and eat? Watch a film? Do some shopping? Show me your papers.

Steve 1 months

Bring on the fake vaccine certificates.

Pj 1 months

How will they know

Tyrannus Patriarchus
Tyrannus Patriarchus 1 months

Whats that? Another day and more authoritarianism from the UK? Is the sky still blue? No way in hell am I ever letting them stick me with this 'vaccine'.

David 1 months

That is ridiculous.

Rocky 1 months

What would that prove? 1 out of every 25-30 people can't achieve immunity through vaccines. That is not a very good method for ensuring safety. If you thought it was deadly would you be ok with those odds? I certainly am not. You wouldn't be able to fill a single theater without at least 2-3 people that are incapable of immunity from vaccination. What useless authoritarian rule.

Rick 1 months

What's so wrong about this? It's going to bring us the freedom we once had of going out with no worry of literally DYING.

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