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Scott Atlas resigns as coronavirus adviser to President Trump

Scott Atlas resigns as coronavirus adviser to President Trump

Scott Atlas, the doctor who advised the president and fought against lockdowns, resigned from his post as special adviser to President Trump on Monday. The White House confirmed Atlas has resigned, but did not give a reason why. Atlas has been the target of much criticism for opposing the shutdowns, including telling Michiganders to ’rise up’ against their Governor’s policies.

oooweee 1 months

He's right. Since lockdown suicide rates have spiked drastically, studies show that in 2009 less than 6% of teen respondents harbored suicidal thoughts opposed to the 40% of teens since lockdown began. The lockdown brought record high of drug overdose deaths, 27% increase in domestic violence and rapidly climbing numbers of starving families. Covid has a 99.6% recovery rate. Keep putting bandanas over your mouths though, please, your lack of understanding of how viruses work gives me giggles. Relax, the vaccine is otw. Soon you'll be able to line up for your Darwin Awards.

Shane 1 months

The people on this thread seem to have missed the article which showed 1/3 of small businesses having closed down since lockdown. So you guys think it's fine for that many families to be struggling as a result of this policy? On top of the numerous other problems it has created? You really don't think there was a better way to handle the virus?

Andreas 1 months

What a despicable person. How much money did he made as advisor and can he be made responsible for the disaster he produced?

Rocky 1 months

We lost a good one here. This guy really looked at the science and made his decisions and advise based solely on verifiable evidence. It's a shame he won't be available as a resource anymore. I'd take one Dr. Atlas over 1,000 Dr. Faucis.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 1 months

Thank god. This moron has 0 experience in anything outside of neurology. He shouldn't have anything to do with anything related to any virus.

Tyler 1 months

Atlas shrugged, and quit!

Joseph 1 months

Crackpot dr

Indo 1 months

Well you know, anyone would if they were I. His shoes. Asleep at the wheel !!

Doug 1 months

Good riddance, wackadoodle!

Rebeca 1 months

Adios, Dr. Phibes!

Joseph 1 months

Crackpot dr

InteryCreeper 1 months

is this the neurosurgeon gone appointed virologist?

yuckycrumpet 1 months

Can you imagine a more pointless job? Was he trump’s spiritual advisor as well? Heh

Jon 1 months

Trust me, no one would take the advice of a radiologist over an infectious disease expert. EVER. It's astounding that he was even on this team.

Barry 1 months

Like rats off a sinking ship

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