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Lindsey Graham says Trump should attend inauguration ’if Biden wins’

Lindsey Graham says Trump should attend inauguration ’if Biden wins’

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said President Donald Trump should attend Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, ’if the Democrat wins the election.’ Replying to a question on this, Graham said, ’If Biden winds up winning, yeah, I think so,’ adding, ’I just think it’s good for the country. It’d be good for him.’ Then, with a chuckle, he said, ’I hope that Biden will come to his.’

Rocky 1 months

If he does win and Trump attends, will Biden attend Trump's inauguration in 2024?

John 1 months

He hasn't shown much in the way of respect for anyone who disagrees with him let alone someone who's got the better of him. I wouldn't hold my breath on a concession or the inauguration. I would be happily surprised if he decides to bow out with any kind of grace.

Jim 1 months

Nope, how many liberals called Trump an illegitimate president and refused to attend ? Biden’s illegitimate and should be treated the same way

E. 1 months

No. He should not as he should go quietly into Oblivion to never be seen or heard of again. After an investigation on Lindsey's win, he might be headed that way also. Old chuck Grassley should go as well. Diane Feinstein should retire as well.

WWIII 1 months

Absolutely hilarious how many “sheeple” are here commenting on the “if” Creepy Joe wins like he already won... stop believing the media, it’s not official yet and the steal hasn’t been completely successful just yet, settle down liberals you can burn your town down soon enough

David 1 months

If he does, should he act like how Pelosi and "the squad" does towards him during state of the union addresses?

Ranger 1 months

Biden won trump lost

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 1 months

Mr. Ladybugs at it again

Csaba 1 months

Yes he should.

Eileeñ 1 months

We dont need cry babies on that day childish person like trump should stay at home instead of coming out and spread more lies

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 months

Someone should really break it to the walking stain on humanity...

PappaOwl 1 months

It was a minor miracle that he is willing to leave at all let alone meet with Biden.

Randall 1 months

Donald Trump is not invited. His wife and daughter is cuming, more than once! I'll see to that. Heh heh, yeah.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

I agree. Its a respect for the office held.

James 1 months

Trump must appreciate having Lindsey Graham organizing his social calendar.

John 1 months

If Biden wins ! It just goes to show what a joke the Republican Party has become under the current administration

Angela Clark
Angela Clark 1 months

Lindsey we need to investigate you and voter fraud in South Carolina

Rose 1 months

He's not mature enough to be gracious to another person who he considers his enemy.

Celeo 1 months


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