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David 1 months

If you force diversity, for the sake of diversity, it is racist and sexist. The most qualified should get the job whoever that is. Everyone has equal opportunity. Don’t force equal outcome or you get descrimination. True or false? If you have a board of all... people with a pecker, and they all came out and say they identify as female, should they be awarded for most female board members in the work place?

JustMy.02 1 months

Now what business is it of NASDAQ what my Board of Directors looks like? This BS is getting way out of hand.

GreenMachine 1 months

I don't care about the color of the executive. I care that they add value to the stocks I bought with my hard earned money.

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 1 months

Diversity in this context only means less white. It's never used in any other context amongst the races. You ever hear calls for black churches, businesses, or neighborhoods to be more diverse? Me neither. Content of your character or GTFO!

Hasegawa Fish
Hasegawa Fish 1 months

Do they mean 'diverse' as in 'different from the other' or 'Diverse' as in 'they can all be the same as long as they're not straight, or white men'?

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 1 months

“The only color companies see is green” is no more...

Montgomery 1 months

Equal opportunity mathematically doesn't lead to equal outcomes. And affirmative action leads to poverty for all Just look at what happened to countries with affirmative action. South Africa had it four 30 years and are now the most unequal country in the world with the highest crime rate and 40% unemployment. This is a self perpetuating cycle

brian 1 months

That’s nuts, this should not pass as I’m pretty sure it can be deemed illegal

Bennington 1 months

Forced diversity is the most useless and counterproductive ideia possible

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