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Boy forced out of car, killed by vehicle; man arrested

Boy forced out of car, killed by vehicle; man arrested

35-year-old Army Sgt. Bryan Starr was charged with reckless murder after he reportedly forced his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son to get out of a car at night along a road for ’unruly’ behavior. The boy was then hit and killed by another vehicle. Starr surrendered to officials in Russell County, AL and charged in the death of Austin Birdseye. An official said that Starr is stationed at Fort Benning.

Rose 1 months

Those of you who have wonderful childhoods, remember that there are people out there who will torture their own children. You don't understand it, because you are sane, and they are not.

WWIII 1 months

Parenting classes should be mandatory in school, as well as finance and basic home care... were teaching our kids how to do chemistry and physics that they’ll never use... why not teach something useful so shitbags like this don’t hurt/kill kids? If that child was raised right he would t be acting out in the first place...

porcus 1 months

VERY misleading photo! Guy pulled over into a church parking lot, NOT off an interstate! Apparently the boy was singing at the top of his lungs in the car so the guy pulled over at the church and asked the boy to get out - nothing wrong with that, thus far. But it was at night, it was raining, and he did not watch the kid, who wandered out of the church parking lot and into a nearby street where drivers were unable to see him due to the rain and the child's dark clothing. The guy ought to have kept an eye on the kid, and should have noticed when he couldn't hear him singing any more.

Judi Em
Judi Em 1 months

Poor baby. Poor Mom. So senseless. Lock him up.

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