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GOP risks ’alienating voters’ with voter fraud claims: Georgia Lt. Gov.

GOP risks ’alienating voters’ with voter fraud claims: Georgia Lt. Gov.

Geoff Duncan, the Lt. Governor of Georgia warned that President Trump is running the risk of ’alienating voters’ ahead of the state’s January Senate runoff elections with false claims of voter fraud and election malfeasance. There’re currently growing concerns among the GOP that Trump’s continued attacks on top GOP officials in Georgia could discourage Republican turnout in the Senate runoffs.

Tom A
Tom A
America 1 months

Guess we'll see. So far overwhelming evidence is being presented and Governers are going rogue and certifying regardless of evidence presented and state senate recommendations.

Rocky 1 months

They risk alienating 70 million voters if they don't investigate the issues in this election. Explain how investigating the irregularities alienates anyone that voted legitimately? The people deserve to know that their votes count the same as their neighbor's vote.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

How does investigating possible fraud 'alienate' anyone except those who committed the fraud? Do police alienate store owners when they bust shoplifters?

Gloria 1 months

Trump is a sore loser. Don't come to GA. Spreading lies and making false statements. Trump is losing his mind, you lost, get over it. He can't prove any fraud occur. Never will. Move on.

porcus 1 months

HaHa! If the republicans do not support Trump then his base will not support those spineless cowärds. Funny to watch karma in action, and the republicans whining like little babies. :D

White mana matters
White mana matters 1 months

The GOP is not undermining voters' confidence in the election : the massive, obvious, witnessed and blatant rampant voter fraud is doing that.

judd 1 months

Is this Georgia Governor really this stupid? He won't stand up with all the evidence to oust Trump, but then blames Trump for voters not wanting to go to the polls again? That's like saying, ok, we shot you once, but don't believe it, get up we won't shoot you again. How many voters want to waste their time to be handed another fraud riddled election, that we non elected people can see clearly?

AverageAussieMan 1 months

Bill Barr says there’s no evidence to support fraud on a scale that would impact the outcome of the election. And Bill Barr is a spineless Trump sycophant. Let me guess, he’s now part of the “deep state” or some other idiotic right wing conspiracy?

Jim 1 months

I’m a conservative and I live in Georgia, I’m sick of weak republicans, I won’t vote and I hope Stacy Abrams is the next Govenor and republicans lose both senate races. Republicans have claimed voter fraud for 40 years yet they do nothing. There should be massive investigations of this years election yet all they want to do is give lip service. Even if Biden won fair and square I’m ready for a 3rd and 4th party. We need a progressive party and a real Conservative party. I’m sick of corporate libs and cons, they serve one master and it’s the same one, money !

John W
John W 1 months

VOTE fraud hearing Arizona live.

John W
John W 1 months

Stop the steal rally in georgia live. You can rewind if you want.

SD 1 months

But working class voters have no problem with their pro-billionaire policies?

AntiBS 1 months

So now voters are "alienated" by the truth?

Jerry 1 months

The GOP is happy with the outcome, situation normal a.f. u.

Eric 1 months

So far it’s those telling me everything is fine who were also screaming about fraud in 16 that are alienating me.

John W
John W 1 months

Michigan state senate hearing regarding voting irregularities. Live

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