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White House asks FDA to explain pace of vaccine review

White House asks FDA to explain pace of vaccine review

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows met Tuesday with FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn to discuss the speed of COVID-19 vaccine approval. This comes as the FDA hasn’t scheduled an approval meeting until Dec. 10, despite Pfizer and BioNTech having applied for emergency approval on Nov. 20. Separately, President Trump will meet industry leaders next week for a summit on the vaccine.

Karlo 1 months

The FDA can't win in this situation... Take the time for a bare minimum to review the most expedited vaccine development processes ever and get called out for dragging your feet. The first instance there are reports of one-in-a-million adverse effects (and there will inevitably be some) you'll get scalped for failing to ensure a safe vaccine.

S 1 months

This is the amount of involvement the Trump Administration has had with the vaccine. "So, how's it going?" Good thing we have a true leader on the way who cares about the American people.

Donald 1 months

Evil trash. Do not fall for this Experiment...nanoparticle filled and ready for 🛰

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