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Joe Biden introduces economic team as pandemic rages

Joe Biden introduces economic team as pandemic rages

President-elect Joe Biden formally unveiled his top economic advisers, with his incoming administration preparing to deal with a financial crisis and a resurgent novel coronavirus pandemic. Biden claimed that he would create hope and said ’Our message to everybody struggling right now is this: help is on the way.’ He named Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary and other women to top roles.

Leonard 1 months

Make sure you pick diverse, don't pay any mind to qualifications, Child Molester Pres-to-be.

Dustin 1 months

Good to know qualifications for cabinet positions are not important in the selection process.

Rocket 1 months

With all of the copious amounts of Widespread VOTER FRAUD that took place in our last election , Quid Pro Joe's role as the CCP's Paid Puppet is going to come back to haunt him. The Dominion Voting System machines were connected to the Internet and China was accessing the data during our election! The ONLY place Beijing Biden is headed will be a prison cell or padded cell. All these "cabinet appointments" are nothing but a facade, and a joke. 😉

parmo 1 months

Return of the swamp

David 1 months

The media is loving using raging when it comes to the "pandemic", seen it in a few headlines now.

David 1 months

Doesn't 'ol Joey give ya that warm and fuzzy feeling.... Oh wait, that's his hairy legs.

R LoRusso
R LoRusso 1 months

Yes .... We will borrow against the future.. Free money for all.

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