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Headless body of woman found in Baltimore

Headless body of woman found in Baltimore

Two workers walking on a dead-end street in Baltimore stumbled upon a woman’s headless and dismembered body on Tuesday. The police reported that they found the body under a covering when they arrived at the scene. The police have not been able to identify the victim, whose body was decomposing and missing the head, feet and hands. The case is being investigated as a ’suspicious death.’

Larry 1 months

Suspicious? Are you saying she may have gone to that location then took her head off and walked away holding it?

bobby_5150 1 months

In Baltimore, dying peacefully in bed is a suspicious death.

jim Jones
jim Jones 1 months

It's Baltimore gentleman. The gods can not save you

Trevelyn 1 months

Suspicious death ! What is suspicious about this ? Sarcasm intended .

Angry_Face 1 months

Yea cos the real violent crime in West Baltimore is perpetrated by cops lol

Chad 1 months

The cops probably did it

david dindu
david dindu 1 months

Hmm. No head, hands, and feet.... very suspicious

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