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Chinese team test jet engine ’able to reach anywhere on Earth within 2 hours’

Chinese team test jet engine ’able to reach anywhere on Earth within 2 hours’

Chinese scientists have built what they claim is a revolutionary plane engine for Mach (the speed of sound) 16 flight. To put this in perspective, an aircraft powered by the engine could reach anywhere in the world within two hours. A wind tunnel capable of simulating such a flight is being built in Beijing. The research was conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Mechanics.

Rugged Individualist
Rugged Individualist 1 months

Over hyped BS...The Chinese have yet fo build a sufficient engine for their fighter aircraft. Let alone build an engine capable of mach 16

hephaestos 1 months

Well, we've known how to build supersonic commercial engines since Concorde... There is a range of other difficulties, both technical and commercial. Lets see how the Chinese manage. I for one am not getting my hopes up.

J 1 months

Lol until it falls apart mid air. Chinese aerospace is notoriously unreliable and most often underperforms any expectations. They couldn't even make and amphibious vehicle that floats. I wonder what company they ripped this design from.

Devon 1 months

I’m calling bs on the Mach 16 maybe 1.6 but not 16

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Big deal. What plane would you put it in? At that speed, the air compression and friction would melt titanium. Better call Wakanda and place a big Vibranium order.

Paul 1 months

It’s sad that China developed this before the US. Capitalism used to mean progress at a higher rate. Now it means keeping the status quo and maximizing profit without risk.

Montgomery 1 months

That's great. But concord went broke in a era with cheap fuel

Jane 1 months

That's BS, 2 hours only at certain distance.

Yoda 1 months

Man, the people in this comment section are so behind on the times. Do you guys realise that almost all of our products are made in China, that they are actually capable of producing great quality products because they have the manufscturing capability, since you know, we sort of gave them all our manufactoring jobs and don't have any of the equipment required to produce our own shit any more. Also AI is capable of flying airplanes better than people, so I don't see how you could possibly think that this mach 16 plane would have an actual pilot. Hell, the designs might have even been created by an AI if you're so in doubt about the Chinese capacity for ingenuity. I do think that we should be careful before we believe any of this exists, but if it turns out to be true and you naysayers are wrong, it means that all our military technology will be outdated, how would you possibly try to stop a missile coming for us at 16 mach speeds? There would be no time to react with the technology we have now.

Aran 1 months

If the jet does not break on take off. Lol

Stacy 1 months

Funny thing this is; kinda looks like China is more of a friend than western governments.

Andromeda 1 months

I went to an air show and the commentator was describing the G-forces the pilot of he Eurofighter Typhoon overhead was experiencing and this was at sub-Mach speeds. Mach 16 might be able to go anywhere in the world but the pilot would have to be some form of superhuman to last so long.

Arthur 1 months

What about noise and pollution? A long way off!

Amoneywilson 1 months

People riding it will turn to mush going so fast.

brandon 1 months

Ok let's steal it like they do all of our technology lol

WWIII 1 months

Like any other China made product it won’t work for very long, I wouldn’t get on it

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