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Biden planning on keeping Wray as FBI Director

Biden planning on keeping Wray as FBI Director

Joe Biden is reportedly planning on keeping Christopher Wray as his FBI chief if Wray is still in the top post by the time the Biden administration begins. Usually, FBI Directors are able to serve their full 10-year terms, but the practice was disrupted by Trump as he moved to fire FBI Director James Comey amid the ongoing federal investigation into Russian election interference

Tom A
Tom A
John 1 months

He did such a great job keeping his son’s laptop from going public, he deserves to stay on.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

The only reason he is staying on as FBI director is because he didn't allow anything about Hunter Biden's laptop to come out from the FBI if Wray had done his job and allowed things about the laptop to come out Biden would have fired him and replaced him with a yes man, but he doesn't have to replace him as he already has a yes man

Kathy 1 months

I’d rather see him hire back the ones Trump fired for having integrity.

Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch 1 months

If Biden was any kind of true man and leader he would step aside and dammand that there be an investigation into every states votes and registered voters to prove he won fair and square. Stop planning for things when there is a black cloud hanging around him, but a cheater never admits when they have cheated even when they are caught.

Steven 1 months

Yes so the Hunter case Will vanish

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 1 months

Drumpf's lawsuits will jot vanish, Uneducated minions.

Jim 1 months

Anymore questions ?

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