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Obama says he will take a coronavirus vaccine

Obama says he will take a coronavirus vaccine

Former President Obama said Wednesday that he will take a COVID-19 vaccine once it is available and may film it to build confidence about vaccine safety. His comment come as numerous polls find many Americans are skeptical about getting a Covid-19 vaccine. He added that he would take a vaccine if Dr. Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, said it was safe.

Jim 1 months

Funny, so now that Biden won these anti Trump liberals will take the vaccine if Trumps guy tells them it’s ok. So it turns out liberals are against BLM, against defunding police and will take a vaccine developed under Trumps administration yet you followers will still trust everything they tell you . I’m pretty sure these 3 things were front and center in the anti Trump messaging now, eh not such important issues for lib leaders anymore

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 1 months

I would say that’s actually a good idea. Either we see that it has severe negative ramifications, in which case the American people will avoid it like the plague, or we’ll see that there are no ill effects or at most minor effects and that it proves effective. Once vaccinated, I think after a period to allow for an immune response, he should be infected with COVID and monitored by doctors for several days to check for an immune response. If immunity is proven, then confidence in the American public would soar. I would say more than Obama should though. Extend that to all politicians, so that regardless of where you stand, you see that they’re putting themselves at risk for us and seeing that it works or fails. Get everyone on the same page. Unlikely to happen, but would be amazing if it did.

Doug 1 months

But Obama pretended to drink water from Flint water supply

David 1 months

Trust what science? Look at the history of mRNA vaccines. What long term effects do we have to look at? Go ahead King O, I'm donating my dose specifically for you 😘

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