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UK court rules against transgender clinic over treatment for minors

UK court rules against transgender clinic over treatment for minors

In a landmark ruling, UK’s High Court of Justice in London has ruled that children under 16 will need a court’s approval in England and Wales to access puberty blockers. This comes amid a global debate about the age at which a child can choose to change gender. A division bench of three judges said it was ’highly unlikely’ that a child of 13 was ’competent to give consent’ to puberty blockers.

David 1 months

Frankly it should be 18, legal adult, but good. Most of the time it’s parents pushing these decisions onto their kids

Neil 1 months

All things considered, I tend to think even 16 is a little young to make that kind of decision. I agree that gender change is ultimately an individual's prerogative. I have no problems with the concept, but maybe having a couple of years longer to think about is not such a bad idea?

Ekitchi Hoshi
Ekitchi Hoshi 1 months

It makes sense to have a court rule on a case by case basis. It's the same for emancipation of minors, a court will assess if the minor is able to make decisions for himself. Hopefully the courts can distinguish between a woke parent 's desire and what the kid actually needs.

Matt 1 months

So, anyone that drags a child through this nonsense at a younger age should be charged with abuse. Like the church where they have little kids, as young as 6 walk up to a microphone and announce their gender before an "affirming" congregation... It's madness.

Ethan 1 months

It's better than no age rule, but yeah I wouldn't trust a 16 year old to make many sensible decisions about their life, biology and future

Joyce 1 months

Good start. The age of consent for this should be 21. Science tells us that the brain is still developing in the teen years

Milkshake 1 months

Good. There's too many people who have realized they aren't actually trans and wanted to go back when their puberty and brains sorted themselves, but many were left with physical consequences that will follow them for their entire lives, and the detransitioning people are suppressed, harassed, and crusaded against on social media by political activist and militant radical transgenders and feminists as "heretics" and "harming the greater cause". It's a sad picture. One of the physical scars is many males left with micropenises due to penile growth being hardcoded to age. Your hormone balance between around 9 years of age and around 19 dictates the size, but the more important thing is that these 10 years are the only timeframe within which that development will undergo and never again. Meaning postponing puberty with blockers doesn't postpone the growth period, and many are stuck with small tools and all the mental trauma and complexes that will come from that, not to mention the murderous hatred they will have against low IQ activist parents if such parents forced and brainwashed them for virtue signaling as children. This is a good ruling for a rare change.

scrummy 1 months

That's awful. Puberty blockers are completely reversible, and if a teenager decides they are trans, puberty blockers are a good first step. I do think full on testosterone/estrogen and surgeries should only be done when they are 16-18, but puberty blockers are fine. Trans people have a 40% suicide attempt rate, and so puberty blockers that help alleviate dysphoria should be done. It is the medical consensus that the best treatment for dysphoria is to transition. Transgender rights are human rights. I wish I had access to puberty blockers when I realized I was trans.

Stefan 1 months

Nice to see that the world has not gone completely crazy...yet.

IIZard 1 months

Anyone interested in the sexuality of children is unlikely to be able to give informed consent when it comes to continuing to live.

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