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US tightens travel rules for Chinese Communist Party members

US tightens travel rules for Chinese Communist Party members

The US has issued new entry rules for CCP members travelling to the US. The new policy caps visas of Communist Party members and their immediate families to one month and a single entry into the country. Applicants had previously been able to obtain 10-year visitor visas. Reacting this, a Chinese foreign ministry official called Washington’s approach ’inconsistent with the U.S.’s own interests.’

porcus 1 months

This is a good thing. Even better would be NO travel to the US allowed for the CCP and their families.

Jon 1 months

Why am I not surprised that the CCP response is to tell us what us in our own interest like a creepy abusive boyfriend?

John W
John W 1 months

Don't worry if Biden gets in, he will fix it for you, just bring cash🤑💰🇨🇳 Biden secretary of state pick under fire for Chinese Biden Center funds ht//s://www.foxnews/com/poli/ics/biden-secretary-of-state-choice-under-fire-for-chinese-donations-to-penn-biden-center

coughdrop1989 1 months

This is nice for the next couple months but when or if Biden gets inaugurated as president then he will undo this day one.

Aran 1 months

Watch the ccp play the racist card lol. They see the most racist nation and they always pull the racist card hahaha

Patty 1 months

About time

david dindu
david dindu 1 months

Chayna: why yu waisis?

Chad 1 months

Let me guess, hate, xenophobic and bigotry?

Katharine 1 months

Hope it works out!

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 months

I'm sorry but communists have no business here

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 months

No I think it is clear what the American interest is... free Hong Kong (the only thing that needs to be stated)

Seekster 1 months

Good. The CCP is the great evil of our time.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 months

Makes sense I'm good with this. Far as I'm concerned the party can stay in China.

America 1 months

I'm still ok with more winning. Thank you.

RayJoeBal 1 months

I disagree if you show people whats possible they strive to do better let them see dont let them influence

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 1 months

Good. Keep this up. Shut them out.

Arthur 1 months

Any member of the ccp sould outright be banned from entering the USA period!

Trevelyn 1 months

We should not let Communist people come into this country EVER !.

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