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Bill passes requiring Chinese firms to meet US accounting standards

Bill passes requiring Chinese firms to meet US accounting standards

The US House passed a law aimed at removing Chinese companies off US stock exchanges if they do not fully comply with the country’s auditing rules. The measure passed the House by unanimous vote, after passing the Senate in May. While the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act applies to companies from any country, the legislation’s sponsors intended it to target specific Chinese companies.

C 1 months

Be under the same rules as American companies? Not fair! Communism must also have economic cheats to survive.

Arthur 1 months

Its bloody about time end the repression that is the ccp do no business with China until it eliminates the ccp bring our economic force to bear upon the ccp!

Jon 1 months

They'll need a special account in their books for "the CCP's hand up our butt, controlling us like a sock puppet ". Include that and their accounting will conform to international standards easily.

V!!!!! 1 months

Many of CCP backed companies are nothing but ponzi schemes

Franklin 1 months

Clear And Present!

michael 1 months

I don't know why this wasn't the law before.

IvoryDove 1 months

Do they have to record their payments to Hunter Biden as "bribes" or are those filed under "long term investments"?

Jerry 1 months

Go Trump. Round one was the warm up. 4 more years!

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